Wayward Sisters Spoilers: Producers preview Supernatural spinoff

New details about Supernatural's spinoff, Wayward Sisters have arrived!

The Supernatural spinoff will be launched as a backdoor pilot on Supernatural season 13, with Kim Rhodes reprising her role as Sherriff Jody Mills. Per the CW, Wayward Sisters follows Rhodes' character and a group of troubled young women - all orphaned by supernatural tragedy - these "wayward sisters" emerge as a formidable force against the supernatural, under Mills's training and protection. 


Speaking with EW, exec producer Robert Berens explained how Wayward Sisters will be introduced in the SPN universe.

He said:

Claire went out, she kicked ass on her own, but a crisis will occur that will force her back into the fold of the Wayward family. 

Wayward is set on Sioux Falls, South Dakota, a place "where romance can happen. Or rivalry,” added the EP. 


As for the character of Jody, viewers will find her taking in a new psychic named Patience, the granddaughter of Missouri Moseley, previews Rhodes: 

[Jody] is constantly saying, ‘My door is always open,’ and she does it again in episode 3 of this season where we meet Patience. 


As for the show's new addition, Kaia (Yadira Guevara-Prip), here's what Dabb offered about the character:

Kaia has been on her own for a long time. She’s not sure who she can trust, but she starts to form certain bonds and relationships that make it clear that this is the place she needs to be.


The official premiere date of Wayward Sisters is yet to be announced. 

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Source: EW