Why 'Vampire Diaries' Fans Should Give 'The Secret Circle' A Watch

Why 'Vampire Diaries' Fans Should Give 'The Secret Circle' A Watch

As Vampire Diaries fans gear up for an exciting third season, show-runner and EP Kevin Williamson is introducing a new companion series by the same scribe as TVD, LJ Smith. The Secret Circle will premiere along side The Vampire Diaries September 15th at 9/8c. TSC has been generating a lot of buzz and our friends over at Vampire Diaries Net had the awesome privilege to screen the pilot early. They have wrote up a fab review of why TVD fans should stayed tuned to the CW for this new witchy series that promises intrigue, romance, teen angst, family drama and all the the things we love about The Vampire Diaries, but with a fresh look and take on the supernatural world of witchcraft.

Cassie and Adam have serious sparks.
Crissy: In the first Secret Circle book, The Initiation, Cassie and Adam meet and there are sparks. Translating that magnetism, which neither Cassie or Adam can explain, to our TV screens means Britt Robertson and Thomas Dekker need to have mad chemistry. And they do — they look at each other, you ship them. But what’s a CW show without a love triangle? Cassie and Adam can’t be together (at least not yet, I say hopefully…) and the tension between them only grows, particularly for Cassie whose confusion about their feelings is tied to her discovery of the witchiness of Chance Harbor. Troublemaker Faye suggestively says that they made magic together in the forest. And after watching that particularly romantic bit of witchcraft, I’m betting your response will be the same as ours: heck yes they did. More please!
Vee: I am not a person who gravitates to romance in my television, but the tension between Cassie and Adam is so palpable, you can’t help but actively and passionately root for them. And now I’m looking forward to loving Adam’s girlfriend Diana as much as I love Cassie and Adam, so the situation is even more worthy of winces and heart-clutches.

Get ready for a different brand of witchcraft.
Vee: The awesome set of posters (seriously, we’re so freakin’ jealous) and the penultimate scene of the pilot – Cassie and Adam in the woods, which is the centerpiece of the video promos – perfectly captures what I so desperately want from The Secret Circle: a representation of witchcraft that is based in Nature and the elements, not demons, angels, or other supernatural phenomena. The Vampire Diaries version of witchcraft is very old school-inspired and often very dark, so highlighting beauty and wonder (even if it’s amidst a whole lot of darkness) would be a welcome breath of fresh air/earth/fire/water and a nice contrast to TVD’s brand of witchy juju. The witchcraft(-lite) of The Secret Circle book series is tactile, with beach and bedroom ceremonies and characters often refer to stones, plants and herbs, oils, and salt water. This inherent connection to Nature permeates their lives, right down to preparing for a high school dance. It’s also very sexy at times. And as seriously as they take their powers, they have fun with them too – something poor Bonnie Bennett hasn’t had much time/cause for, given all Those Vampire Problems. Secret Circle executive producer Andrew Miller and actor Thomas Dekker have been referencing 1996 movie The Craft a lot in press, which is one of my personal guilty pleasure movies. While I hope they take inspiration from the film’s eclectic hodgepodge of traditions to create their own unique take of on-screen witchcraft, I also hope they’ll succeed where The Craft ultimately failed: Staying true to the characters and not sacrificing them at the altar of flashy, histrionic spellwork. (Not that we don’t want flashy spellwork!) Oh, and fingers crossed we’ll never hear the word “warlock.” Men can be witches, too! (Oh, can they.)

It has style in spades.
Vee: The show looks and feels witchy. That may sound silly to you right now but once the action lands in the Washington town of Chance Harbor, it’s easy to fall under the spell of old coastal houses, dewy forests, and silver skies. Where Vampire Diaries trades in amber light and deep shadows, The Secret Circle pilot practically shimmers. Liz Friedlander (who directed Vampire Diaries episodes Unpleasantville, Blood Brothers, and Rose) and Director of Photography Ramsey Nickell (who also did the Vampire Diaries pilot) do a remarkable job of capturing the lush, saturated beauty of the Pacific Northwest. (The show films in Vancouver, for the record.) And, just like The Vampire Diaries, there’s a cool overlap of vintage and modern, lending just enough of an otherworldly feel; Chance Harbor already feels like a fully realized town and I look forward to learning more about its secret pockets.

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