What Will Season 3 Bring For 'The Vampire Diaries'?

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Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries will be 'The Year of the Originals'. Fans everywhere have been speculating and searching for any clues to what will happen when the show returns to the CW in the Fall. Here's what Executive Producer Julie Plec had to say about TVD's future.
  • One of the most talked about rumors is the original Petrova girl, whose blood sealed Klaus' curse over 1000 years ago. During the last flashback episode, "Klaus", Elijah~Daniel Gillies said that Katerina reminded him of someone. Julie confirms he was referring to the original Petrova girl and offers this,
"Hopefully one day we'll meet her. No promises, tho. Too soon to tell."
  • Don't count Elena's other BFF Meredith, from LJ Smith's books, out just yet. She is caught in 'book-limbo-land' for now, but time will tell.
  • Damon and Elena are embarking on a whole new chapter.
    "In that moment, Damon needed her forgiveness and her love, and she needed to give it to him. It was very pure for her. There’s a lot that happened in that moment, and season 3 is gonna be about exploring what it means to her, what it means to Damon, and certainly what it means to the Damon-Elena-Stefan relationship."

  • Look's like the story isn't over for Elijah or Klaus.
    "All I can say to you is, as I’ve said before, these two actors are extraordinary. The story of the Originals is probably longer than the Bible and we can’t wait to dig into it. The rules of the hybrid and all that comes with being the hybrid, we’ve just scratched the surface."

  • Now that Sheriff Forbes is in the loop about her vampire daughter Caroline, what's next for Caroline, Tyler and the other supporting cast?
    "The series regular family is returning in full effect. Hopefully, we’ll be able to really dig deeply into Tyler’s friendship and blossoming romantic interest in Caroline and her potential interest in him — and also the conflict maybe between the sheriff and the mayor once the mayor comes into the loop, and the lengths they’ll each go to protect their children and possibly try to keep their children away from each other."

  • Damon has been on an existential journey all season and has only begun to scratch the surface. Plec sheds some light,
    "He's struggling with his humanity.... his suffering is because it's all so new to him. he's run from it for so long, it's like a new skin for him. he won't always know the right way to handle it. He will **** up majorly. he will revert. he will feel remorse.... he will change for the better, and then sometimes he won't be able to help himself. He's on a journey. Damon absolutely matters, but the road from villain to hero is a bumpy one. It's not always going to be pretty."
  • The question is, what is next on Stefan's road?

    "He’s sort of bitch-slapped by his own addiction, so to speak. And now he sacrificed the thing that he needed the most, which was his sense of strength and free will and will power over this problem that he has. There is moderation, and then there is sustained abuse. I think we just watched the beginnings of Stefan crossing over into that. We’re all very energized about Stefan’s new journey and how Klaus plays into that and how that’s all gonna turn out."

  • Will Alaric take on a more parental role for Jeremy and Elena?

    "I think that what we were saying at the end of the episode is, we’re teeing up a new dynamic that is a family dynamic between Alaric and Jeremy and Elena."

  • What's in store for Bonne and Jeremy? Plec teases,
    "As Bonnie was told when she was tapping into that kind of magic to do something that goes against the laws of nature, there will be consequences. We’re just getting a slight tease of what those consequences are. For her, the unimagined consequences were worth it. Now if Vicki and Anna end up sticking around and remaining in Jeremy’s world in whatever way it is that they’re appearing, then in addition to supernatural consequences, obviously, there’s gonna be some romantic consequences as well. We’re taking the love triangle to a whole ‘nother level. Without a doubt, this is a story that is teeing up for our audience a whole new element of what we’re going to be doing on this show."
With the impending tragedy of the season 2 finale and a new season to look forward to, Julie offers the best advice to date. When asked what to do when a TVD favorite is killed off, Plec sincerely and simply replied,
"Cry like we do."
As The Vampire Diaries delves deeper into their supernatural lore in Season 3 we can only expect great things from the show that never seems to disappoint!
Will Nina being pulling triple duty next season. To what ends will Stefan have to go to find a cure for Damon and is there room in Elena's world for Meredith? Discuss below TVD Family! I want to know what you think!

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