We Haven’t Seen The Last Of Rebekah

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November 15, 2011

The Vampire Diaries has officially gone into Hiatus for the holidays, but there are some spoilers to be had by way of new fan fav, Rebekah~Claire Holt. According to EOnline the ‘evil blood slut’ will be back in Mystic Falls sooner rather than later, when the show returns January 5th. There’s no news yet weather Bex will be seen in present day, or flashback Falls, but I’ll keep my hungry TVDers up to date! Sound off below with your thoughts about Clair Holt’s character!!!

  • Mig Mig

    She is damn Hot!

  • Twanz

    i love her.. she is super hot and i am a girl

  • BOOM BOOM BOOM !!! muffinz..


  • miimii

    I love Rebekah.. She’s a spoiled brat. A drama queen. She has alot of misguided loyalty. Plus I think we saw some real depth to her in the last episode. She could be an amazing character in the long term.

  • F Silva

    Oh no! She will go after Elena for stabbing her with the knife and putting her in slumber mode.

  • Proj3ctx1

    She might fall for Jeremy or he might fall for her once he and Bonnie are finished. That would be interesting.

  • Laidlaw_girl

    Love her and Klaus

  • potterdreams

    I wanna see Rebekah and Katherine face off.

  • Gina-ok8

    caroline said her “EVIL BLOOD SLUT” xaxaxaxaxa lol!

  • Anonymous

    I love rebekah, i think her in the last episode was really deep, her and jeremy is a possibility, but think he loves to many other girls. although, him and bonnie are over and anna’s gone, so we never no. it would be interesting if she was mad at elena, and i think she will be.
    When are we gunna get anything new:( its the hiatus, i cant cope without spoilers…

  • Stebeka

    i want Rebekah to end up with Stephan cause she is the only girl who loved Stephan without filling nothing towards Damon and after all this years thats the girl who Stephan really deserves 

  • KP1864

    Elena shouldn’t have killed her.

  • KP1864

    I would pay to c that!
    I would like to see them fight for Stefan’s love!
    But Katherine should still be careful….

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