Vampires, Werewolves, & Founder's Day Celebrations in Mystic Falls

Vampires, Werewolves, & Founder's Day Celebrations in Mystic Falls

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All adds up to just another normal day in a small town, hmm? Oh, it's just part of the fun, which Kevin Williamson adds to in a spoiler filled interview. Check out his thoughts on Matt, Caroline, Jeremy, and Tyler, as well as on a certain Tomb we've all been horribly spooked by but strangely attracted to.

Q: Which of the supporting characters have really interesting things coming up?

Kevin: In this last episode, Matt admitted that he likes Caroline. We're going to explore that. I think that's one of the fascinating romances on its own because you're dealing with two people that have come together out of loneliness, and not necessarily for the right reasons. It's going to be interesting to watch them have their romance, and maybe not necessarily be two people who belong together. That sucks, but they're going to try. Then, I think it's going to be fun to watch Tyler explore his aggression. It's going to be fun to watch Jeremy start to dig a little deeper into that paper he's writing. He finds some stuff in that journal that leads him on a very interesting journey, and it may actually put him at odds against his sister.

(I'm actually not that keen on a Matt-Caroline liaison. He's too sweet - a better match for Bonnie - and she's too sour - a better match for Tyler. Matt & Caroline just aren't - nice together.)

Q: Are werewolves going to be introduced into the series?

Kevin: Not this season, but anyone who's been watching knows that we hinted of it already. If you've read the books, you know which character actually has the curse. It's latent. It's a repressed curse. It's triggered by one particular activity that hasn't happened yet, so we'll go there probably in the next season. I think what's going to happen is that we're going to watch Tyler. It's no secret that it's Tyler. We revealed the full moon and we revealed all of his aggression issues, and we're probably going to continue to let him explore his anger issues and his daddy issues and see what happens.

(What activity could possibly trigger Tyler's werewolfishness in all its glory? Thoughts, you who know werewolf lore?)

Q: What can you tease about [the end of the season] then?

Kevin: We're just building towards the Founder's Day celebration because it's the 150th anniversary of this town. I would say we're building to the big huge celebration and what happens with the tomb. There will be this happy little party, then there's this tomb business to deal with, that has 26 vampires down there.

What do you say? We're always up for a good party. Especially if there's vampires involved...

Source: IESB