Vampires Diaries: To Be Renewed

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February 6, 2010

We’ve barely recovered from the over-Christmas hiatus and already? Another one? Who came up with this winter finale idea? I’d like to know! On the upside, looks like The Vampire Diaries is set for renewal. Really, how could they not?

Spoiler TV reports that after next week’s Fool Me Once, our fav show will go on hiatus until March 25th. The horror! After that, we’ll have steady episodes til the season finale on May 13th. Mark your calendars, ladies and gentlemen.

In much happier news, they also report that the CW is in contract talks and TVD’s renewal should be announced later this month. Let’s hope this crazy fall episodes, hiatus, winter episodes, hiatus, spring episodes schedule will be scrapped during those talks. You can have too many finales, dear CW. Too many highs, and the show will burn itself right on out.