Season 1 Episode 22 Founder's Day

Vampire Diaries Episode 22 "Founder's Day" Spoilers: Uncle John's Evil Plan

Vampire Diaries Episode 22 "Founder's Day" Spoilers: Uncle John's Evil Plan

A promotional photo, a plotline, and a preview. And a title we could all see a mile away.

We've got one promo photo of Stefan and Elena, which is a pretty picture, but doesn't tell us a whole lot. They're holding hands so presumably they're still together (Team Stefan raises a mighty cheer).

Thankfully, we have this:

Founder’s Day has finally arrived, and everyone is busy with last-minute preparations for floats and fireworks. Although Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Alaric (Matt Davis) do their best to stop him, Johnathan Gilbert (guest star David Anders) sets a plan in motion that brings Founder’s Day to an end amid chaos, destruction and death.

(What on earth is he trying to do? And who is going to die?)

And this:

It's quick - blink and you'll miss it - so here's the breakdown, frame by frame: Damon has piercing blue eyes; Bonnie works her magic; Stefan and Elena make out in the parking lot; Damon and Elena burn up the dance floor; Anna and Jeremy Do IT; Emily Bennett runs away from a woodland shack with something in her arms; Elena runs through the woods; Elena peers through the bars of Stefan's prison; Stefan tastes human blood for the first time.

PS: that trailer covers the final four episodes, so some of the scenes we've seen before, and some we'll see before the season finale.

Source: The CW