Season 1 Episode 11 Bloodlines

Vampire Diaries Episode 11 "Bloodlines" : Synopsis

Vampire Diaries Episode 11 "Bloodlines" : Synopsis

Update: have now removed this synopsis, is it false? Likely, judging by the quality of writing. Stay tuned, we'll post first updates on Twitter.

Update: Real version below casting sides. has a short but sweet episode summary up with spoilers for the next episode of Vampire Diaries:

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Stefan and Damon's long lost sister, Maria comes for a visit and seeks revenge. It is up to the brothers to stop her before the truth is out. The mysterious man Elena meets on the road reveals that he is a vampire, and Elena is bitten by him, which Stefan learns later, forcing him into revenge against the unknown killer... A new witch comes to town, Alyssa.

There's a lot of info in that little paragraph!  Three new characters are arriving : Maria, Stefan and Damon's sister; a mysterious vampire who bites Elena; and Alyssa, a witch. None of them seem particularly benevolent, but then again nothing is what it seems in Mystic Falls...

PS. Spoiler TV has some casting sides up for episode eleven as well.


“THE VAMPIRE DIARIES” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)
“Bloodlines” (TV- 14, V) (HDTV)

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) takes a trip to Georgia, where he surprises an old flame, Bree (guest star Gina Torres, “Eli Stone”) and enlists her help to figure out how to open the tomb. In the process, Damon comes face to face with someone who is determined to make him pay for past wrongs. Stefan (Paul Wesley) opens up to Grams (guest star Jasmine Guy) in his effort to help Bonnie (Katarina Graham) overcome her fears and accept her powers. While researching his history paper in the public library, Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) meets a cute-but-geeky girl named Anna (guest star Malese Jow, “Hannah Montana”) who has her own theories on the folklore of Mystic Falls. When Damon returns from Georgia, Stefan is waiting with news that will change their world. Nina Dobrev and Sara Canning also star. Dave Barrett directed the episode written by Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec, with a story by Sean Reycraft (##110).

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