Vampire Diaries' Elena Won't Be a Vamp for a Long, Long Time

Vampire Diaries' Elena Won't Be a Vamp for a Long, Long Time

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We've all heard the rumors... first the buzz was that Elena would eventually become a vampire, then that she wouldn't. But now we know, thanks to some spoilers from producer Julie Plec.

Because Elena, in the original book series, makes the change into the living dead, it's something that the show needs to follow. But to avoid comparisons to the addicting sap that is the Twilight monster, they're going to put it off for as long as possible. Read on, oh spoiler lovers.

Elena’s conversion, says exec producer Julie Plec, “is a fundamental part of the books — it’s, in fact, most of the books. So it’s not something we are going to ignore. But right now it’s a little too Twilight similar for us to feel comfortable dabbling in it.” Beyond concerns about Elena being written off as a small-screen Bella, “the best thing about her is, she’s a non-genre, non-supernatural, true-blue ingénue,” says Plec, “and we don’t really want to mess with that. She’s the relatable character. To pervert that too soon would be a mistake.”

The longer the wait, the more satisfying the conclusion. True or false?

Source: Ask Ausiello