Vampire Diaries Casts More Hotties

Vampire Diaries Casts More Hotties

Spoiler warning: these castings will make you squeal like a little girl. If you're into former models, and oh, just the best bad guy from the spy show to end all spy shows (Alias, did you have to ask?), that is.

Love. Him. First off, David Anders ! Better known as Sark.

The 28-year-old actor has been added to the cast of Vampire Diaries as Jonathan Gilbert, Elena and Jeremy's uncle, has confirmed. The show previously introduced an older Jonathan Gilbert in a flashback, but a rep for the show says this is an entirely different character. The present-day Jonathan Gilbert will first appear in the April 15 episode and will recur throughout the season.

C'mon April 15, I say. And I'm also looking forward to seeing the other new face, Stephen Martines.

[caption id="attachment_7079" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="modelicious "][/caption]

He will play a bad-ass vampire named Frederick who is locked in the tomb where Katherine (Nina Dobrev) was once thought to be and is up to no good when released. Stephen Martines is a former soap star who started off on "General Hospital" and "The Guiding Light," recently recurred on TNT's crime drama "The Closer, " where he played a news reporter who asked Brenda (Kyra Sedgwick) some tough questions.

Congrats once again on stellar casting. Which hunk are you more excited to see steaming up your screen? And are they going to be big bads or no? Who isn't bad on TVD?

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Thanks to Johanna for the heads up.