The Werewolf Diaries Spoilers: Tyler Lockwood & Uncle Mason

The Werewolf Diaries Spoilers: Tyler Lockwood & Uncle Mason

In The Vampire Dairies' September 9 premiere, Tyler Lockwood is surprised to see his long-absent, black sheep of the family Uncle Mason turn up for the funeral of his dad, the mayor. But a bigger surprise comes when Mason drops the bomb that werewolfism runs in the Lockwood bloodline! The Vampire Diaries spoilers from TV Guide below.

"Uncle Mason has learned to harness his rage and is going to serve as a mentor to Tyler," says Taylor. "I've come to teach Tyler that there are choices he can make to control his destiny as a human...or otherwise."

Nina Dobrev (Elena/Katherine) adds

"Taylor's been adjusting really well. I don't envy when new people come [on set] because we've all already created this family bond, but everyone's really accepted him." The same won't hold true in Mystic Falls, reveals Ian Somerhalder (Damon). "Mason's a really nice guy, but Damon makes it difficult for him to be nice," says Ian. "He really pisses Damon off."

"Yeah, we don't get along," echoes Taylor. "Historically, the Salvatores haven't gotten along with the Lockwoods for ages, and having a new Lockwood in town doesn't sit well."

" Mason's transformation will be more traditional—dependent upon a full moon. And the actor says he's well-equipped for his first howling scene. "I grow hair like crazy!"