Tyler And Caroline Will Go Terribly Wrong

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October 4, 2011

The Vampire Diaries EP Julie Plec spoils to Zap2it about everything Forwood. The cutest supernatural couple ever will enjoy a few episodes of bliss, but in true TVD style things will go terribly wrong.

“Tyler~Michael Trevino and Caroline~Candice Accola have really blossomed,” she says. “For me at least, watching it, looking at it as a fan, I really like them. I like the connection they have with each other. I like this idea that he’s just dealt with sort of his mother discovering that he is ‘a monster’ and she’s fighting with the fact that her father thinks she’s ‘a monster’ and these two ‘monsters,’ as labeled by the people that are supposed to love them the most, have kind of found each other.”
Zap2it also reminded us that this is The Vampire Diaries and all good things get shattered at least a few times along the way. Plec reveals that Forwood will take a significant turn in episode 5. “We’ll get to live in that for a little while,” Plec teases. “And then of course, as often happens in our relationships, something will go terribly wrong. They’ll struggle this season.” The spoiler loving EP also revealed the odds of a hybrid baby. “We’ve said two things on our show, very clearly. Vampires can’t procreate, and yet, vampires bodies work like anybody else’s,” she laughs. “So, I don’t know. Door’s open to take either rule.”

  • F Silva

    Oh my baby!

  • god no , i dont want BABIES on this show

  • Fuzzymustache

    WHAT THE CUP!!!!!!!!!!! A WEREWOLF AND VAMPIRE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!  A WEREPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:O :O :O

  • Paro Thampi

    they give birth to a hybrid…klaus no.2 on the way :P

  • Flash_mine

    Another Hybrid ? :O !!!! NOOO !!!!

  • rebels47

    i hope they have a twin boys like in the book :)