TVD Spoiler Round-up: All Things Klaus, Katherine And The New Gilbert Girl

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January 13, 2012

I have a fabulous spoiler round-up to share this post TVD Friday. The Vampire Diaries EP Julie Plec has been dishing up spoilers to the always hungry TVD fans and starts off by easing the hearts and minds about the new Gilbert lady we’ll be meeting very soon.

“She’s [Samantha Gilbert] not for Damon,” EP Julie Plec assures. “We’ll meet her in the past, not the present. She’s somebody that we meet in not present-day Mystic Falls.”

Katherine has been sadly missing for awhile now, but Julie also teases her upcoming return.

“She’s gone underground, and so it will be a surprise when we see Katherine again. As Katherine tends to do, she’ll pop up sometime and throw everyone for a loop,” says Plec.

Plec had a spoilery addition to add about Klaus’ sudden show of humanity, and romantic tension with Caroline.

“I have a feeling that Klaus ultimately is equally capable of indulging in love and sabotaging love, just like Damon is. But there is certainly going to be an object of his interest very soon.”

Joseph Morgan~Klaus spoils about the battle that has ignited between Stefan and Klaus a d Klaus’ upcoming love interest that he descibes as both ‘intriguing’ and ‘enticing’.

Source: EOnline, EW

  • Lena

    I do hope he sticks around for along time, he’s not only hot, but he portrays his character to perfection, I cannot even imagine an episode without him. I even like the fact that he’s starting to mingle with the Mystic Falls residents, going to events and now throwing a party himself. I can’t wait to see more of him.

  • <3

    I love Joseph :)

  • Bella

    I REALLY hope they’re talking about Caroline!! :D

  • Bella

    I REALLY hope they’re talking about Caroline!! :D

  • Mashii90

    Me too :) 
    Plus, they look kinda good together and he can show her all the good sides to being a vampire . She can start to enjoy living again . 

  • Delena<3

    Yes, I hope that a someone (Stefan) won’t be killing Klaus anytime soon. And I do hope that Elijah will wake up soon and become the new major. XD.

  • Delena<3

    I have a feeling Rebecca won’t take it to good if her dear brother starts to fancy another blonde. xP. 

  • Suprsparx24

    I really don’t think it’s caroline at all.. pay attention to how this was worded.. There is going to be an object of his interest soon…they didn’t mention caroline specifically and they usually come out and say who is hooking up with whom i.e. tyler and caroline matt and caroline jeremy and bonnie etc.

  • Jade

    yessss!  Elijah should wake up! I want Catherine to wake up as well. I wonder how it would be since the two haven’t seen each other in like centuries! 

  • Anna

    I so hope you’re right because I really don’t get why people can’t see how ludicrous AND wrong to imagine Caroline dating Klaus. She berated Tyler for doing Klaus’s bidding and Tyler has a very valid excuse: his sire bond. What would be Caroline’s excuse? That Klaus saved her life… after making sure she almost died? I’ll be very disappointed in the writers and producers if they decide to make Klaroline happen. It’d be as if they agree to debase the show just to please that part of the fan base who just watch the show for the hook-ups and don’t care at all about the consistency of the storyline. People should stop living vicariously through their TV sets.

  • Pearl

    I think that he’s actually talking about Caroline. I mean who could it possibly be? Season 3 is halfway done anyway and the  fan reaction is HUGE so why not? They’re amazing when they’re together and Caroline has become a vampire who’s hard to get and that’s what Joseph Morgan is talking about in his interview. Klaroline FTW!