‘The Klaus Chapter’; The Vampire Diaries End Of Season Titles

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April 4, 2011

Vampire Diaries fans can rejoice, because the hiatus is over this week! TVD returns this Thursday with a new episode, “Know Thy Enemy”. The CW hit will conclude its sophomore season with a six episode run, that EP Julie Plec teased as ‘The Klaus Chapter’. Below is a list of episode titles with air dates to keep my fellow fans up to speed, so you can stay as obsessed as me…as if you weren’t already ;).

  • “Know Thy Enemy” ~ Ep 2.17 ~ Airdate: April7th
  • “The Last Dnace” ~ Ep 2.18 ~ Airdate: April 14th
  • “Klaus” ~ Ep 2.19 ~ Airdate: April 21st
  • “The Last Day” ~ Ep 2.10 ~ Airdate: April 28th
  • “The Sun Also Rises” ~ Ep 2.21 ~ Airdate: May 5th
  • “As I Lay Dying” ~ Ep 2.22 ~ Airdate: May 12th

Buckle up TVD family, I feel like this end of season run will leave us breathless, and possibly in a coma :). How do you think Season 2 will end and who do you think is marked for death?

  • Anonymous

    oh my god… i only just heard these names and now i’m really scared for all of the characters. i hope elena dies and comes back as a vampire. i’m fed up of good people dying… but i still <3 tvd and always will! =)

  • http://www.facebook.com/Miriavila Mirie Avila Martinez

    Oh my I’m already freacking anxious and it haven’t ended yet. Last time I damned Julie & Kevin for leaving us like that for so long and now I’m starting to think they will make me die before the damning, fuck. It seems so good.

    But I think Bonnie is going down, thought I’m not so sure because oh hell, what would the show be without our witch?
    Alaric, Jeremy, Matt and Jenna on the other hand… (Maybe even Caroline) But if it has to be one of them, please do not take Alaric down, I just love his character lol at least over the other options, yeah.

  • http://twitter.com/Uranium25 Joyce M

    i think its katherine, she will die..then the salvatores and caroline will bring back their humanity because of bonnie’s spell,or there is something that they will find out that will turn them into human.

  • TVD4ever

    oh no without katherine it’s soo boring! i don’t think that she will day, don’t let her day! TVD would be sooo boring without her…..i’m fed up of matt….i don’t really care if he dies, he has just a disturbing character….poor damon, he has been bitten by a werewolf….if he dies, vampire diaries wouldn’t make sense anymore…….

  • omgggg

    OMG, I really hope they won’t kill Damon because if that happens, that show’s over for me!
    Unfortunately I think Jenna dies… it is pretty obvious from the outcome of this last ep. (20).
    I hope Season 3 brings love for Damon, and I mean Elena starts to realize that she feels something for him as well.

  • Caroline

    damon die as a vampire diaries will not survive. I’d order the body Elena fell in love with a stefn damonie would be jealous!

  • Caroline

    damon die as a vampire diaries will not survive. I’d order the body Elena fell in love with a stefn damonie would be jealous!

  • Lisa Evanescence TVD X3

    damon got bitten by a werwolf and i think he will die like rose …but he has to survive cause without damon it’s not vampire diaries anymore ..CW will lose many viewers …and a spoiler said that damon and elena kiss and then damon dies but i hope he will com back to life …i mean …he has to! i love him …he is the best character of the series …the producers can’t let him die …i hope elena gets a vampire but i don’t think this will happen …but i hope so …cause elena could remember what damon said in ep 8 and that would be great ..:D i hope klaus doesn’t die ..i like him ..^^ and i like elijah and katherine …i think someone has to die …i hope it’s jules …tyler woukd be okay too …but i don’t want jenna, alaric, damon, stefan, elena, katherine, elijah, bonnie, jeremy, john and klaus to die^^