The Vampire Diaries “The Five” Spoilers: Jack the Ripper And Vampire Lessons Learned

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October 17, 2012

The Vampire Diaries November 1st episode, “The Five”, will take Elena, Bonnie and Damon on a mini road trip to Whitmore College for some vampire U and witchy joo joo. Thanks to TV Guide I have a few more spoilery details to share about this Halloween-centric fourth episode. Damon takes this opportunity to show Elena how to feed on humans without hurting them. He tells her, “You’re going to eat really, really well tonight.” The ‘Murder House’ theme of the party makes Damon’s plan even more delicious. Damon will be attending as Jack the Ripper, with Bonnie and Elena dressed as two of his Victorian victims with slashed sternums. Bonnie will be busy with Professor Shane, trying to resolve her lack of witchy joo-joo. Damon will take baby vamp Elena under his cloak and show her first hand his ‘snatch, eat, erase’ principle. Unfortunately, there will be “both positive and negative outcomes”, Julie Plec spoils; I’m thinking massacre on frat row!