The Vampire Diaries "The Five" Recap: Mythology, Passion And Fun Give Way To Guilt And Denial

The Vampire Diaries "The Five" Recap: Mythology, Passion And Fun Give Way To Guilt And Denial

"The Five" was the most action packed episode of season 4 yet. The Vampire Diaries brought a little bit of everything to the table with a good mix of mythology, passion, betrayal, guilt, denial and fun. Klaus and Rebekah spend the majority of the episode sparring and bringing the true meaning of sibling rivalry to life. Claire Holt delivered an epic performance with some of the best emotional and gut wrenching scenes I've ever seen on TVD. I loved Rebekah before, but after this fourth installment, she has skyrocketed onto another plane of awesomeness. Elena learns a lot in this episode. She learns how to have fun as a vampire and she tastes what real passion can feel like, but her new experiences come with an unexpected price of guilt and denial.

We Are But Five Men, Bound By Fire And The Last Breath Of A Dying Witch For A Single Cause...The Destruction Of All Vampires

In the opening scene, it's 1110 A.D. and an ancient Bennett witch is chanting in the forest with five shirtless hot guys, 'The Brotherhood of the Five'. Before the fiery cauldron supercharges their swords, the witch clearly says Tatia. This is probably one of the reasons, Klaus was so concerned with Elena's well being in last week's episode after her run in with werewolf venom. This also means that the Petrova bloodline is mostly likely involved with the spell that originally bound and created 'The Five'. No surprise here, it ties in perfectly to all the other witch mythology. Petrova blood must be the shi*t!

"I'm Going To Need You To Get On This Today, I'm Taking Elena To College"

Back at Cassa de Salvatore Stefan and Damon 'aren't in a fight', but they are clearly not interested in sharing information with each other. Damon is rummaging through Conner's stuff looking for clues to who 'The Five' are, Sheriff Forbes calls and informs Damon that Conner is probably still alive. Damon pokes at Stefan by informing him that he'll be training Elena to 'Snatch, Eat, and Erase' today at Whitmore College. Cut to Stefan using hunter training class as an opportunity to confront Elena about her little road trip. Elena comes clean about almost going too far with Matt and emphasizes that her doppelganger blood rejects anything not from the vein. Stefan counters with Caroline as a better option for a tutor. Elena shoots that down, saying she's 'too good' and doesn't know what's it's like. Elena then assures Stefan she wished it could be him teaching her and not to be jealous. 'Bonnie is coming too', she exclaims, to meet up with Professor Shane who took over Grams' Occult class. That's a lot of compelling excuses reasons to use Damon as a mentor, hmmmm....

'You're Trying Too Hard'

Poor Rebekah tries so hard! She may be the most abused character on the show. She opens with a grand, but misguided gesture to Matt, by way of a new truck and Matt delivers an expected cold response. Enter Klaus, happy to goad his little sister more by reminding her of her desperate need for love and affection. He dangles the carrot of 'The Brotherhood of the Five' in front of her, but Rebekah sticks to her guns and declares she has no interest in anything Klaus has to say, even though it's very clear her interests were peaked. Later, Rebekah is with her new friend, April, at the Grill. Matt takes this opportunity to coyly inform her he is in fact keeping the truck. April and Rebekah have a beautiful girl moment here when Bex tells April to back off because she has dibs on Mattie, awwwww...

The Answer To All Our Problems, A Frat Party, Douche Central...Which Is Why We'll Be Eating Very Well Tonight'
Damon, Bonnie and Elena arrive at Whitmore College, co-ed juice boxes everywhere. Our trio walks in toward the end of Professor Shane's lecture and Elena is in full on fret mode, worried she might be a ripper like Stefan. So, Damon takes the diverse Occult class as an opportunity to show Elena how to flesh out a good candidate for 'Snatch, Eat, Erase'. Unfortunately, shortly into their first lesson, Professor Witch-opedia busts them out for talking like a couple of high-schoolers. Lecture ends with Damon and Professor Inappropriate enjoying their 'love of witches'...creepy. Elena hones in on her potential blonde snack, but has trouble closing the deal after seeing a her vic's adorable baby sister plastered across her iPhone. Elena is still Elena and all her compassion and empathy are magnified...Boo, just eat someone already!! Enter Bonnie, carrying a flyer for the college fraternity's 'Murder House' party and gushing about chatting with Professor Creepy. Damon proclaims the party to be the perfect learning environment for baby vamp Elena and before you know it, the trio is off to plan their costumes ;)

'You Went Through Such Trouble To Truss Him Up In Your Red Room Of Pain'

Stefan hits up Klaus' pad to investigate and finds Conner all prepped for torture. I love the blatant use of this reference to the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy, especially with all the buzz about Ian Somerhalder filling the role of Christian Grey. The fact that Stefan delivered the line makes it 10x's better!! Klaus reveals Conner can't be compelled, so Stefan demands to know what Klaus knows; ques the flashback :D Klaus remembers 12th century Italy, when he and his family where following the Normans creating more vampires as they traveled. That's where The Originals first met 'The Brotherhood of the Five', a ruthless band of men that solely existed to kill vampires. Rebekah was in love with their leader, Alexander, who shared many of the Brotherhood's secrets with her, so Klaus needs little sister's help. Cut to Stefan promptly locating Bex who's still at the Grill with April. Without missing a beat, he compels poor April to not remember anything. On a side note, Stefan has been compelling people right and left lately; for werewolf venom spiked beer and now to have a heart to heart with his old flame...shady!! Stefan approaches his target on the grounds that he wants to find out what Klaus is up to and offers a desperate Rebekah a clean slate, appealing to her already heightened insecurities with shallow promises. I have to commend Stefan's effective manipulation techniques here, that's dark for our golden boy!!

I Could Kiss The Counsel For Burning Up All The Vervain In Town

After Stefan successfully gets Rebekah over to Klaus' crib, she's still skeptical, but Klaus dismisses her concerns for family dinner, being promptly served by Klaus's hot, compelled serving wench. More sibling rivalry ensues and poor Stefan just wants the story, so Klaus continues with his flashback. Alexander claimed to have a weapon that no vampire could survive and the lengthy tattoo that crept up his flawless muscles was a map to the weapon. Unfortunately, super hunter Conner's tat isn't visible to anyone except Jeremy, a.k.a. Potential Hunter #1. Que Jeremy, freshly nabbed by Hybrid Smith who is sure to die later. Klaus bullies Jeremy into drawing Conner's incomplete tattoo, while Conner takes this opportunity to have a nice heart to heart with the Potential. Conner tells Jer about someone he met years in ago in Iraq with the mark that claimed to have an 'intense' desire to kill vampires, like it was ingrained in his DNA. Conner also revealed that the tattoo grows with each vamp he kills, like it's trying to tell him something. Meanwhile, Rebekah has taken the helm of the flashback, remembering her Alexander. We learn that the sword is the key to reading the map of tats and that Alexander wanted Rebekah to come with him, or so it seemed. She is so sincere here and clearly in love with this man, but as with most things in Rebekah's world, all is not as it appears. Alexander does an incredible job snowing his trusting lover, just before putting a dagger through her heart and all her siblings. Of course Klaus wasn't affected by the dagger because of his wolfy side and a devastated Rebekah woke to a Klaus-tastic slaughter and accusations, only breaking her heart further. The big secret dropped here. The 'weapon' the map leads to is a cure, a cure for vampire-ism. What?! Klaus wants it for Elena, so that he can make more Hybrids, the single most important thing to him. He knows Stefan will help because he wants it for Elena too and an alliance is struck.

Bloody Mary's Free Till Midnight

Our road trip warriors arrive at the 'Murder House' dressed to kill snack as Jack the Ripper, plus 2 stunning Victorian victims. Oh wait, Professor Creepy is at the party! Is that even is certainly inappropriate, but you know, Bonnie needs a reason to leave Elena and Damon alone so she can search for some witchy guidance. Elena is still struggling to pick a victim until one would be rapist, Roofy guy, spikes a co-ed's drink; first juice box located!! I see a lot of Katherine in Elena as she devours Roofy guy and I don't know about you, but I like it. Like a good mentor, Damon's not far behind to make sure she doesn't go too far, but more importantly we get to see a happy feeding for Elena. This is the first time since she was turned that she truly feels good, and wants more! The look on Damon's face here is priceless ;) Damon and Elena take full advantage of the party and rave the night away, feeding and dancing. I haven't seen Elena this happy in forever!! Elena even takes some blood off of Damon with her fingers and provocatively ingests it. These two are on the verge of a full on bloody make-out session until Elena's BFF, Bonnie, ruins the fun with some very judgey eye acting. Elena snaps back and immediately feels guilty, leaving Damon dancing and storms off. Elena's guilt and denial start to kick into high gear here and Bonnie predictably blames Damon's influence. I'm glad Damon comes to his own defense and states the obvious, which everyone else is in denial about; Elena is a different person, she's a vampire. She wasn't out of control, she was having fun. She's already like Damon and she has to be able to revel in the feed and make it fun, or else she will become like Stefan~A Ripper.

Do You Practice, Like She Did...I'm A True Believer

While Bonnie was off talking to Professor Inappropriate is his office we get confirmation that our first impression of him was accurate. Yes, Professor Shane is in fact creepy and keeping secrets. As Shane shuffles through some things, the camera pans to a framed piece of parchment on the wall. It's a piece of the hunter's map, pentagram and all; hmmmmm, there's some foreshadowing. Professor Creepy doesn't waste any time asking Bonnie about her powers, he 'loves' witches after all. He claims to not be a witch, but merely a guy who has seen a lot of things and is willing to pass them along, if she's interested. Of course she is interested! Bonnie's powers have been on the fritz ever since the Klaus/Tyler debacle in the season 4 premiere, so I'm sure she's more than ready to get her mo-jo back. Where is that 'protective parent' when you need him? Bonnie's judgement is obviously clouded.

'You Should Send Two More For Protection...Make That Three'

Back in Mystic Falls Jeremy has finished his rendering and informs Klaus about the incomplete tat and how it grows. I foresee a lot of vampires/hybrids dying to get this map complete. Klaus sends Jer home and orders Hybrid Smith to guard Conner. While Hybrid Smith escorts Jeremy out, Conner uses some of his magically infused strength to loosen his shackles. Hybrid Smith returns, a little too cocky, and gets Mike Tyson-ed by Conner, WTF?! Oh wait, I see now!! He was jacking Smith's industrial piercing to pick the lock of his shackles, securing an escape. This guy is ridiculously cunning and I don't see it ending well for Hybrid Smith. Later on, after Conner has had ample opportunity to free himself, our anonymous Hybrid returns with some food and looses his head in an amazingly painful display of brute strength. As Conner admires his handy work the map tat creeps a little further up his bicep to reveal the same symbol that was on the parchment in Professor Creepy's office. Speaking of creepy but well placed professors, Conner later walks straight into Shane's office demanding to know why he sent him to Mystic Falls...dum, dum, duuuummmmm!! The Professor is definitely more than just creepy and inappropriate, he has an agenda of his own.

'I Know You Want My Help Stefan, But I Just Can't Do Anything That Lets My Brother Get What He Wants'

Stefan lures Rebekah over to his place and appeals to her broken feelings and she admits that she wanted the cure. She wanted a life with Alexander, away from her family. Stefan opens up to Bex about his desire to save Elena from the inevitable heartache and grief she will feel when she finally kills someone. He doesn't believe that he can get Elena back if she reaches a breaking point and flips her humanity switch. I love how unconditionally open Rebekah is being with Stefan. She still has to have some love him, or she wouldn't put such trust in him about her feelings. She concedes that she truly believed Alexander's promises and told Stefan of their plans to marry in a small church. Just as Rebekah starts to walk away, Stefan pulls her back in with exactly what she needed to hear; 'If it meant that he got to be Elena, have children, grow old with her, that they would die and be buried together, then yes he would take the cure.' That's all it took for Bex to reveal the final piece of the puzzle; she buried him at the church they were to be married, with his sword. Immediately after she said it, she knew she had been tricked. These following moments were the most gut wrenching of the episode, betrayal upon betrayal. Not only from Klaus, which you expect it, but from Stefan who without hesitation, effortlessly maneuvered to betray Rebekah and assist in her daggering.

You Just Have To Hold On

Damon takes Elena back home and on her porch they stand. Elena starts to explain how she's conflicted and torn, but before anything else can happen out pops Stefan, fresh from compelling Jeremy to forget everything...shady!! Stefan straight up lies to Damon about all things Conner and takes his place beside Elena, asking about her day. She confesses she learned to feed, but then takes a sharp turn down conflicting emotions lane, going on about how 'awful' it was and how she didn't want to live like that. Elena doesn't like the person she is becoming and she doesn't think she'll survive it. Confused and conflicted don't even begin to describe Elena's current state as she crumples into Stefan's arms, validating and reinforcing his alliance with Klaus and desire to find 'the cure' for her. We all saw her living it up at the 'Murder House' party and that side of her is real (see above). Stefan thinks she can't handle it and Elena plays into that, but why would she not be able to handle it. Elena has proven time and time again that she is a strong heroine, capable of anything, including self sacrifice. Is she merely feeding her own denial by telling Stefan what he wants to hear, or is it that she just can't be completely honest with him because she knows how he will react?

How long will Stefan and Klaus be able to keep their secret and alliance to themselves?
What is Professor Shane's real agenda?
Can Elena be honest with herself about what she really wants, or will this finally be what pushes her over the edge?
Is the cure really a cure, or just another hoax like the sun and moon curse?

It's your turn TVD Family! Hit the comments below with your thoughts, speculations and discussion :D

Special thanks to Vampire Diaries Source for the screencaptures.