Stefan’s Struggles May Lead To A Stronger Bond With Damon On ‘The Vampire Diaries’

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March 14, 2012

‘Good guy’ Stefan has been locked away deep inside the brooding Salvatore for any the entirety of Season 3, struggling through the blinding fact his brother is in love with Elena. However, according to TV Guide that’s not going to stop Stefan from trying to resurrect the man/vampire he once was, but not before the ‘Ripper’ makes another appearance in tomorrow night’s episode

“There’s a slow acceptance of the fact that they’re both in love with the same girl,” Paul Wesley says. “Oddly enough, it’s making them have some sort of a camaraderie.”

  • rk212005

    ok what about klaus and caroline and tyler whats going to happen with them? and whats going to happen with bonnie? whats going to happen with rick ? and whos going on a real killing spree???

  • rk212005

    and no its no surprise that history might just repeat itself

  • Prettylittleliarsfan4ever

    I miss the good Stefan. But I hope some of the bad boy Stefan stays intact too.
    I say if Elena is stupid enough to choose any guy over Stefan…he just tells her to go to h*ll and move on with his life. I love Stefan/Damon. No girl is worth loosing your brother over.