Stefan’s Ready To Be Bad As ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Enters Season 3

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May 24, 2011

Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder of The Vampire Diaries did a dualing interview with Popwrap recently. While Paul is more than happy to assume the role of his much badder brother, Ian has some serious tensions about the possibility of to much sappiness on the Damon front in season 3!

“I’m going to be playing Damon, and he’ll be playing Stefan and we’re hoping no one notices,” Wesley quipped.

“It excites Paul because he gets to be a bad ass again!” Somerhalder said. Wesley concurred: “Yep! I’m so excited to have fun and be bad.”

“I’m less excited,” Ian admitted. “I hope I don’t have to be sappy like Stefan.” (To which Wesley replied: “Oh, you will. And I get to have a little bit of fun and not brood all the time. Monogamy is nice, but come on Stefan — let loose.”)

Here’s what TVD’s herione, Nina Dobrev, had to say about all the exciting new plot shifts season 3 will bring.

“I think it’s going to feel like a completely new show now that Stefan has gone to the dark side. He will be with Klaus and I think that’ll set up a dark shift because when we started Damon was the mysterious one with all the fog following him [laughs]. Now I think we’ll see that come back with Stefan and Elena is turned around because she doesn’t know what to do.”

“Will she be by herself? Will she be with Damon? Will she try to find Stefan?” Nina mused. “Everything is kind of shifting, so it’ll be refreshing and different, which is nice — you never want to fall into a familiar pattern on a show. And I think Kevin [Williamson] and Julie [Plec] found a way to keep it fresh.”

  • fukuallstefanluvers

    i just hope elena gets her f*cking mind straight and chooses damon

  • D Silva

    Please Elena get your brain out of the fog and choose Damon! ;)

  • A.

    OK, I am neither a Stelena nor a Delena shipper but I do hope Stelena fans will finally get it that Stefan is boring. Even Paul Wesley finds his character too sappy.

  • Priscilla Edwards

    totally damon but he is way better playing the badder bro

  • miimii

    Ahh I think it’s Delena time!!!. . . Not because I don’t like Stefan, (even if he does brood too much he’s still hot-with-a-capital-H-A-W-T), but just becuase it’s about damn time Damon got the girl! He was soo good in Season 2 that he honestly deserves a little love. Damon is like a (Good or Bad), I mean really, is it possible to resist him, especially is Stefan is off the scene, so-to-speak. Damon and Elena really do need to get together in Season 3 – Even if it doesn’t last, ;o. . . And Yes Elena. . . It really is OK to love them both ;]

  • Lauren

    i hope kathriene loves elijhia bucause he loves her i hope they can get together and i hope it wont get klaus jelouse and mad

  • katherine

    oh god it’s about time stefan disappeared i’m not saying he is ugley i’m just saying damon deserves elena because he has tried so much to change for her and he is (damon may be older than stefan but he is so SMOKEN.HOT.SEXY.AWSOME.INCREDIBLE.ON FIRE MAN so i am on (TEAM DAMON)