Stefan’s Morphing Into A True Monster, Plus Damon And Elena’s Struggle

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September 15, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Julie Plec teases us with more juicy bits about V3 of TVD with a preview of ‘Ripper Stefan’ and a look inside Damon and Elena’s mounting feelings.
Stefan will completely succomb to his darker side as season 3 unfolds.

“Damon, in comparison to what Stefan is morphing into, is a puppy. There’s the Stefan who just can’t stop once he gets started … and then ultimately there’s going to be the Stefan that doesn’t care anymore and that’s the most dangerous Stefan. When that happens that will take the most to recover from.”

Meanwhile in Mystic Falls, Damon and Elena struggle with their very present and growing attraction to one another.

Plec gives us a look into Damon’s thoughts. “Well hang on, I [Damon] thought maybe I never had a chance with his girl because how could she love a monster like me? But hey if you stack a monster and a monster, I ain’t so bad.” She goes on to elaborate about Elena’s struggle. “Although it’s not very conventional … she’ll [Elena] soon have to ask herself that question of, ‘How do I feel about each of them and is what I feel OK? What it is about me that loves the way I love and who I love and what does that say about me?’”

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