Stefan Leaves Elena Very Hurt In “The Ties That Bind”

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January 11, 2012

Hollywood Life and EW just shared some spoilery scoop for tomorrow night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, “The Ties That Bind”. Delena fans have been waiting for this for 2 1/2 seasons and all signs are pointing to Damon finally being worthy of his salvation, Elena. I know I have a lot of Stelena and Delena fans out there, so tell what you think; No fighting though!!

My Mystic Falls source tells me that last week’s confrontation between Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena — you know, the one that ended in her slapping him and telling him to go to hell — is nothing compared to their heated confrontation this week. Without giving too much away, Stefan’s ongoing battle with Klaus (Joseph Morgan) leads him to betray Elena in a way viewers won’t see coming. Decisions are made, actions are taken, and Elena ends up getting VERY hurt.

Paul also teased the terrifying, game changing scene in Thursday’s episode.

“He’s essentially kidnapping her,” Wesley says. “There’s layers of humanity, regret, and sadness in his eyes, but it’s all sort of masked by this sociopathic, raging maniac who’s scaring her to death. His relationship [with Elena] is sort of the antithesis of what it was, which was this really romantic, soft, protective relationship. Elena is the key to everything [in his battle with Klaus], and Stefan will go to any extreme to get what he needs, which makes him much more terrifying.Yeah, I don’t want the arc to end. I don’t want to go back to being the good guy. Look, Julie said we’re gonna milk it as long as we can. I also understand that things get old. Hopefully this is still new and fresh. You know, he was the good guy for two years. Maybe I can do another two years as the bad guy to balance it out. [Laughs] I think everybody likes playing the bad boy.”

  • Anonymous

    no:( STELENA.FOR.EVER. i love bad boy stefan but not as much as i love good, sweet caring, loveing adorable stefan.. stelena WILL happen, they need to be together xxx

  • Lena

    This is the best and most exciting Stefan, I never liked his character as much as I do now, he keeps us wondering what kind of crazy thing he’s gonna do next, how much will he piss everybody off! I used to hate his passiveness before, not being able to do something about the bad guys, now he’s wild, he’s in control and I love that. I definitely hope he stays bad for as long as he can. I like seeing Damon’s soft sidee because for him it’s a struggle and we never know if he’ll snap again or if he’ll stay loyal as he has all this time. I think the dynamics of the show are amazing right now. Excellent work.

  • rosalovesdamon

    no no no no no.. just no, i like your optimism but did you see that delena kiss last week? – i mean, it might have not been an hour long, but it was better than all of stefan and elenas kisses put together, – it meant SO much more too!
    GO DELENA, go damon!! xo

  • Anonymous

    THURSDAY we will trend “Stelena is FOREVER” at 1pm EST, 12am CST, 10 am PST, 6pm GMT, 7pm GMT+1. 

  • Kathy

    There will always be Stelena-fans complaining if Elena gets together with Damon, just like  the Delena fans did when she was with Stefan :) They can’t please everyone at once, but she’s been with Stefan for 2 seasons now! Give her and Damon a chance, guys! :) And enjoy this amazing show ;)

  • Delena

    Some people are too immature for that :) it’s like their lives depend on Stelena. Ugh…
    SE fans: Okay I get it, you want TVD all to yourselves, but didn’t your parents taught you to “share”? Be a little more selfless and think about others who waited for almost 3 years for DE to happen, and we kind of NEEDED our moment too. Leave DE alone and enjoy this amazing show! o___O


    I am Team Delena all the way! Stefen and Elena were cute in the beginning but I think its time for Damon and Elena need to get together, for a little while AT LEAST! Their chemistry is soo hot and Elena needs to admit shes in love with him! Plus, I dare anyone to deny that damon is THE HOTTEST GUY ON THE EARTH! (it doesnt count if your a guy btws).

  • lis

    yes irresistable show, great writing! I love the development of the characters. Matt has come to a standstill though, think he is highly in danger of being killed off

  • Delena

    Canadian promo… WTF STEFAN! YOU ATTEMPT TO KILL ELENA? watch this

  • Rose

    I really like this BAD BOY STEFAN too! He’s Hot:) and I think that it really does bring something new to the hole dynamic and I like their fights … I loved Stefan in last week’s episode especially when he greeted Damon with a “WOW”:)) He’s a lot more fun than he used to be.. now he’s definitely NOT boring:D and when he told Elena that Bonnie  “SUCKS at keeping secrets”:)) very funny…
    Just go on with the bad guy Stefan for 2 years…give the man what he wants:))
    But don’t get me wrong… I’m on team Damon:>:))

  • Snhprocks

    *facepalm* Even though I am a huge fan of Delena….pleeeeeease stop saying Elena needs to be with Damon or with Stefan…..the show producers will decide, it’s their characters.  And Paul seems to like playing bad boy Stefan, so he won’t be going back for a while. XD

  • Snhprocks

    *facepalm* Even though I am a huge fan of Delena….pleeeeeease stop saying Elena needs to be with Damon or with Stefan…..the show producers will decide, it’s their characters.  And Paul seems to like playing bad boy Stefan, so he won’t be going back for a while. XD

  • reesa

    haven’t to kinda mixed up the episode titles? This is supposed to be about what was happening yesterday, right, so in OUR TOWN? Or is it a preview to another bad scene between those two next week? 

  • caroline&tylerfan<3

    im really not digging the whole stefan being bad and damon being sensitive thing… it was good the other way around. if she was to go with both brothers it would be like repeating the story line of katherine. make it different and stick to just one!!! i really hope caroline and tyler get back together.. im more into them atm coz the love triangle is starting to bore me!!!

  • Reesa


  • Stelena <3

    yeah well she ignores him for most of the episode after that stelena will happen they are perfect together!!

  • Stelena <3

    You are the greatest ever seriously thats what i have been thinking to myself for ages they are repeating katherines story and same about caroline and tyler they are so good together!!!

  • rosalovesdamon

    she doesn’t ignore him:L they didn’t really have an opportunity to talk to him because he was out stopping insane stefan from doing stupid things? – at the end of the ep when she was talking to matt, she said, ‘I’ve fallen in love with Vampires’. – she didnt say ‘a vampire’ she meant two vampires, meaning damon;)


    ye i like both but the love between stefan and elena is more stronger dan de one wif damon nd elena. I know for a fact tht she will end up wif stefan but we will see :D

  • Snhprocks

    Ah, no. the whole point of this is to create more drama. And they are NOT repeating Katherine’s storyline…that was completely different. Katherine was just being a manupulative b*tch and playing with both of them.  Elena just needed to see Damon in a better light after Stefan left.  Besides….Damon’s still Damon. XD AND if they stuck to just one storyline…the show would be over right now and that would be no fun, would it? 

  • Alina

    Ok, now is the bad guy, and his sexy but i miss Stefan as he was before, this is not for him, in my opinion, there is love between Damon and Elena but there’s more passion than love. What Elena and Stefan have is pure love, and no matter what happens, their love will never go away. Please, bring Stefan back, one season is enough for me!!!!!!!

  • Alina

    And it doesn’t bother me that Damon and Elena get together, i like Damon too, but not forever, actually i would like to see a dramatic scene between Stefan, Damon and Elena, where Stefan realizes what he lost.