The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Tyler’s Brief Return, Plus Episode 18, “American Gothic”, Scoop

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February 27, 2013


The Vampire Diaries fans were somewhat deflated after Tyler’s anti-climatic departure the other week and with Caroline’s collection of sad voice-mails to the Hybrid in “Stand By Me”, fans have been calling out for more closure. Well, according to sources Michael Trevino will make one more appearance before exiting for the season. I can spoil that he will be back to share one more pivotal moment with Caroline.

In other spoilery news, Zap2it visited the Atlanta set last week and got to watch Nina Dobrev pulling double duty as both her characters, while filming a scene for episode 18, “American Gothic”.

In the past, we’ve seen Katherine pretend to be Elena plenty of times, but now, we’ll get to see Elena’s best impression of Katherine. Katherine didn’t seem too impressed by the likeness, though… she thinks Elena’s innocence will be a dead giveaway. (Not to mention her haircut.)

  • seeper

    Elijah thinks he’s kissing Katherine, but it’s numb Elena.
    I thought Elena was suppose to be all honesty with her feelings off, instead she’s being deceitful.
    I hope Elijah is upset with her and finally sees that she isn’t any better than katherine.

  • Emily

    I didn’t see this info in the article above? I wanna read it. Where did you find it out from? Poor Elijah…finally getting some and it’s not even the right doppleganger.

  • Hannah

    Damon sure isn’t gunna like that..