The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Time Jump, Sexiness, Death & Fun When Season 5 Premieres

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July 25, 2013

American Gothic
The Vampire Diaries just returned to Atlanta to start their season 5 filming. Executive Producer Caroline Dries spoils that there will be a small time jump, sexiness, fun and drowning when the show premieres in October.

“We’re coming back three months later, so we’ll touch base on what the characters have been doing all summer,” says executive producer Caroline Dries. “We realize that poor Stefan has been drowning, dying and coming back to life. But everyone else has been having a totally fun time. Elena and Damon are a super-sexy couple and happy for once. Caroline is ready to start school. Nobody knows that Bonnie is dead, so it’s bliss, but then there’s Stefan just dying.”

Bonus Scoop:

One of Stefan’s numerous exes will pop up this season… with a vengeance. Tessa is a fellow vampire, natch, and she’s spent centuries hunting down the Salvatores. She’ll first tangle with Damon, whose daylight ring will conspicuously go missing in her presence — and that’s really bad.