The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: The Whole New Elena “Will Drive Fans Wild”

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October 8, 2012

EW dropped some more spoilers about this Thursday night’s season 4 premiere of The Vampire Diaries, “Growing Pains”. Here’s the skinny, ‘Vampire Elena’ is the answer to at LEAST one of the four teases.

In the premiere…1) Two characters almost have sex in the woods, 2) Someone gets a very meaningful gift in a moment that will drive fans wild, 3) Someone’s lapse in judgement will cause them great emotional pain in episode 2, 4) Guilt-ridden Matt gets some very wise advice from an unlikely person.

I’ve already revealed that Rebekah will be going through a difficult time when season 4 premieres. Temper, temper…Claire Holt’s Rebekah, will be seeking redemption and companionship, but will lash out in true Bex style resulting in some stiff consequences.

Rebekah ends up destroying a sibling’s precious property some time during the first two episodes. Suffice to say her punishment is a little more severe than getting sent to her room.

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