‘The Vampire Diaries’ Spoilers: Stefan & Elena Share A Moment In The Season 4 Premiere

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August 24, 2012

When The Vampire Diaries returns October 11th, the whole supernatural gang will be on hand to help Elena through her transition. However, Stefan will share a very special moment with his love and present her with an extraordinary gift.

Once the transition starts, there’s no turning back. Fortunately, she’s got a ton of friends who have already been through it themselves! In the season premiere, Stefan will have a heartfelt chat with Elena about her new strengths and weaknesses. He’ll also present her with her first daylight ring — made especially for her by Bonnie.

Source: TV Guide

  • rk212005

    ok well this doesnt seem right at all stefan and damon need to move on from elena im sure damon has finally decide to give up on elena and to say enough im not a damn toy she can toss a side and go back to when the other toy the first one isnt playing fair no way time to move on and be the damon we all know as a bad boy

  • rk212005

    elena needs to stop toying with damons feeling hes not a rebound kind of guy hes damon mr hot stuff he shouldnt have to put up with a small town girl who acts like a brat then turns to a vampire because she was to subbern to be saved

  • rk212005

    and poor matt elena stopped loving him the mintue stefan walked in to her life but then of course damon was there first so ha ha ha! ……anyways ! and then theres caroline and klaus and tyler problem now that klaus is in tylers body ( gross)! klaus can be around caroline and if caroline is in fact surprised by the sight of FAKE tyler i guess theres going to be alot of kissing be between them and klaus ( fake tyler ) might enjoy it!

  • rk212005

    or he might say something that tyler would never ever say to caroline and maybe caroline might just wake the hell up and realize hello thats not tyler thats klaus as tyler enojoying that klaus is around caroline and maybe she might have to cioce like the spoiler said maybe caroline loves them both and se will have to chioce?

  • Jenny

    I think Elena should get to have both Damon and Stefan. I mean why not!