The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Stefan And The Hot Blonde?!

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January 9, 2013

The Vampire Diaries is set to return with it’s Winter premiere January 17th with, “After School Special”. It’s already been spoiled that Stefan will spiral after he learns the extent of Damon and Elena’s feeling for one another. Now, TV Guide has another spoilery bit to share about what Stefan will be doing to ease those sorrows.

Stefan definitely spirals a bit when he realizes the depth of Elena’s feelings for Damon. But he’ll drown his sorrows with the help of a hot blonde.

But which hot blonde?! Hot the comments below with your thoughts, speculation and theories :D

  • michelle


  • Carlos.

    “Depth of Elena’s feelings for Damon” so epic! Delena love unstoppable <3 In the end Damon and Elena together and Stefan and Rebekah together and they live happily ever after :)

  • louise

    Rebekah or caroline of cause, i have a hard time figure out who- really hope it will be Rebekah but if caroline and tyler drift apart who knows, they are becoming really good friends:) i love Katharine but her purpose is really gone on less klaus kills her, seems a little weird that she always escape everything in the books elena kills her- so maybe that will happen who knows:) delena forever<3 it makes sense that stefan gets over her, and fall in love maybe, or have fun with another so that he doesn't have to go through many seasons alone like Damon did:) i like that:)

  • Stefan

    LOL sorry this “happily ever after” is bullshit and “Delena love”? LOL ok

  • Carlos.

    The only real bullshit I see here is Stelena love! Her love for Damon has only grown each season while her love for Stefan is only fading away. Sire bond or not her love for Damon from the beginning has been enough for her to question every feeling she has for Stefan :p

  • michelle

    Why can’t you just let him have his own opinion, just like you obviously have yours.
    There’s really no need to be rude or anything.. The show is amazing, and that’s what matters! And if you like Stelena (or just dislike Delena) you could just say so, but you don’t have to respond like that just because you disagree with him.. Just sayin’

  • seeper

    Stefan deserves something better. Delena is so NOT worth it.
    I’d love to see him become friends with Katherine and find a new love.

  • seeper

    What are you talking about? Elena was declaring her undying love for Stefan for eternity and two seconds later she jumps in Damon’s bed. She’ll break Damon’s heart eventually. Elena is a flake. She obviously is selfish.

  • Lacy

    Happy ever after!!! Wrong show. Never happen. Not on TVD.

  • 505

    I hope it’s Caroline! I really like Katherine i think she spice’s up the show but i think it would be weird if stefan dates katherine because it would be like two brother’s are dating identical twins lol

  • Rexx

    Im sure it Rebekah!

  • Rexx

    I totally agree, Stefan definitely does deserve better! I believe Katherine and him would make an awesome couple. Deep down I think Katherine do love him.

  • mc

    I want stefan to get with bonnie. it’s weird two guys sleeping with the same girl= ewww

  • Asari

    I really hope it’s Caroline! I like Rebekah too, but not with Stefan :)

  •!/natashafine Natasha Fine

    I’m hoping for Rebekah and after reading upcoming synopsis’ I believe it’s her. But I’m really all about some present day Bex and Stefan, they had great chemistry in “The End of the Affair”. Maybe he’ll stop moping around and being in such anguish all the time and have some deserved fun; Elena most certainly has been ;) Thanks for reading and posting!!

  • StelenaForever99

    I really don’t feel any connection between Damon and Elena neither between Stefan and Elena, and I am sure none of the will move on after she breaks their heart. I miss Stelena in season 1, 2, and even 3. They used to be EPIC!!! Rebekah and Stefan do not match either nor does Katherine and Stefan or Caroline and Stefan. I am not into this series anymore.