The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Stefan And Caroline Make An Important Discovery

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November 21, 2012

Stefan and Caroline have shared a special friendship since Caroline’s transition into a vampire. Candance Accola spoils that in the next episode of The Vampire Diaries, “My Brother’s Keeper”, they will make an important discovery together.

“They’re both struggling with trying to support the ones they love in difficult circumstances that they don’t necessarily agree with,” she says. “So they come together over that and find a friendship that’s long overdue.”

Source: TV Guide

  • Uncle Jackass

    It’s a good thing that Caroline does not have any more suitors. Don’t be too surprised if we reach a Simpson’s ‘Dodecahedron-angle’ one day.

    I think I will root for Klaroline for the short term…

  • M90

    Really ??
    I want Klaroline for the long haul, not a short term thing ;/

  • Uncle Jackass

    Unfortunately, TVD isn’t just about shippers. We should thankful that JP hasn’t permanently killed off Klaus as his character as he is already becoming useless as a villain. I’m just grateful that we even get a Klaroline soon.

  • Lovey

    I want Klaroline for the long haul too.

  • seeper

    Is Caroline the new IT girl??
    She’s got Klaus, Tyler, and now Stefan? LOL

  • MissKlarolineGleek

    Klaroline. <3

  • Mashii90

    JoMo’s character was suppose to die in the end of season two, but they kept him around because the fans loved him so much and because he’s so great in the series. So why wouldn’t the writers listen to us ? :-0

    I think they bring out the Best in each other and Klaus Can still be Mr. Big Bad, we saw that when he tried to rip Tyler’s heart out from his chest when they switched bodies.

  • Uncle Jackass

    … I think if it either gets to a point where TVD keeps creating a more powerful villain every plot arc. i.e. the more you will question where is it going for Klaus’s character? CW has a tendency for fan pandering; sometimes I rather the story takes us where we need to go.

  • Mashii90

    Perhaps, but this isn’t one of those times .. Klaus is still bad, but what is going to ‘unite’ them for a while is that they will soon have an enemy in common, the Big Bad that the Pastor mentioned in his letter.

    Damon was the Big Bad untill they all had an enemy in common and now he is a member of the gang ! :D

  • Uncle Jackass

    I truly don’t mind that much if that’s how it’s portrayed… but it does destroy my image of LJ Smith’s Klaus (circa 2000 yrs old and Alexander the Great-look alike). Damon being the main cast it was assumed he would reform. If Klaus is reformed then another villain will (i.e. Silus) probably defeat Klaus and his hybrids… and that’ll be stupid and sad at the same time.