The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Side Effects For Katherine, Plus A Major Kidnapping Coming Soon!!

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November 6, 2013

Original Sin
Last week on The Vampire Diaries Damon sacrificed Katherine’s life to help take steps in bringing Bonnie back and killing Silas for good. However, the major twist was when the sassy doppelganger didn’t die!! This week we’ll see Silas with full intention of dying, as well as some serious consequential fall out for Kat.

Katherine getting her blood drained won’t come without consequences. Once she’s finally back to her sassy self again, it won’t be long before she realizes that there’s a major side effect — which will begin, or should we say fall out? — this week. As for Silas’ return thanks to Katherine’s blood, his dream of finally dying will come with an unexpected hiccup.

Bonus Scoop

A major TVD character will be abducted before month’s end, and a certain birthday boy[Stefan] is not the one taken.

Source: TV Guide, TV Line

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