The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Season 4 Damon Wants Action And Some Well Placed Pining

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Season 4 Damon Wants Action And Some Well Placed Pining

The Vampire Diaries is all geared up for it's fourth season premiere this Thursday at 8!! Star Ian Somerhalder spoils about how Damon will be pining, but is all for the action in season 4.

"Is he going to be pining? He will definitely be pining significantly less," Ian says. "And by pining I mean like 'Aw, she doesn't love me,' that kind of thing. I think now there's a whole other element that is sort of in play here, and that is by virtue of the fact that there is this transition, this thing that's happened in our lives, and it's altering the course of the way things are going down in Mystic Falls, at least between Stefan, Elena, and Damon."

Ian also teases that Elena will have different needs when it comes to her transition into becoming a functional vampire, and some of those need Damon will fill.

"Imagine having a little baby kitten and that kitten wants to play all the time, and you're like 'No, kitten, can't play.' You put the kitten in a box. You put the kitten in a closet. Kitten can't play," Ian explains. "But it's a kitten. It's supposed to play. You're supposed to play with it, give [it] toys. You've got to allow it to advance its skills as a hunter, as an individual. Effectively the way Damon sees Elena being led into this, it doesn't make any sense. There's a huge downfall that he sees, which is that if she does not experience first hand this bloodlust, there's no way in hell she's going to be able to control it. She's not going to know what she's up against."

The charming Somerhalder reveals Damon's bourbon filled plan for season 4 and how his love for Elena will influence him as the season progresses.

"I want to see action!" Ian laughs. "I'm sure that he can hear Stefan and Elena getting it on up in the roof of the Salvatore house. Super hearing is a bitch," he says. "Imagine you're pulling up, there's some Bach in his car, he's pulling up, and all of a sudden he hears [springs squeaking]. Does he stop there? He's going to listen to the woman he loves, upstairs with his brother. So what does he do? He probably goes inside, polishes off a bottle of bourbon, Damon and a bottle of Maker's. There's no Alaric. Or does he turn around and go back to the Mystic Grill where he just came from? It's not looking up for Damon."

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