The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Revenge, Anger And Much More To Come In 2013

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Revenge, Anger And Much More To Come In 2013

We are still a couple of weeks out from The Vampire Diaries January 17th return, "After School Special". Executive Producer Julie Plec spoils that there will be grief, anger, sadness, revenge and much more in the first few episodes of 2013.

Tyler will be reeling from the loss of his last remaining family member by “keeping to himself, refusing to show his emotions and stewing in his own grief and anger, which is making it difficult to help him,” teases executive producer Julie Plec. "Tyler's not going to stand and take it," Michael Trevino tells adds. "It's the realization that he had his one chance of attacking Klaus and that didn't work, which is disheartening, [but now] he has to go for broke and figure out a way to do it, whether it's gathering people to align with again or going at it by himself."

Despite Klaus' terrible doings, the Plec “wouldn’t say it’s the last we’ve seen of a connection between” the Original and Tyler's girl Caroline. Though, “It’s the last that she’s going to want a connection between them.”

On the Damon/Elena front, Damon picked his words carefully and told Elena to go home, not to never think of him again, so expect “lots of sad longing...between the two.”

Meanwhile, neither April nor Rebekah will take lightly to being lied to or betrayed. The latter, in particular, will seek revenge against Stefan.

Jeremy gets an unexpected vampire hunter mentor in Damon!

Source: TV Line