The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Professor Shane’s Purpose

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December 10, 2012

In last week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, Professor Creepy dropped a bomb that Hayley’s parents were very deceased, but pretty much guaranteed she could see them again. According to Zap2it, Shane meant that statement very literally.

Turns out, someone important to him has passed away, too… and he’s pretty dead-set on reversing that, uh, condition.

  • michelle

    Shane has to be Silas! The person he lost is probably the woman he wanted to make immortal, but was killed by Qetsiyah, the witch who helped him until she found out he loved another woman.
    So far, we know he has 12 human souls (council members and pastor young in the explosion.)
    And 12 hybrids (which means he basically has 12 vamps and 12 wolfs.)
    And he’s got Bonnie who is a Bennett witch, so Qetsiyah was probably a Bennett too.
    I just can’t help but wonder if the season 1 veteran they’re killing off is Bonnie.. It would make sense if he had to kill her to complete the ritual…

  • louie

    i dont hope so, but all the other stuff you wrote is off cause true, i couldnt figure out how, when or why :)

  • michelle

    Me either, but it can’t be a coincidence, it’s too much..
    The witch Val from episode 8 told Damon to sacrifice 12 humans to break Charlotte’s sire bond to him, which turned out to be her using him for the souls, and she was practicing a very dark magic called expression, the same magic Shane is teaching Bonnie now. He called Pastor Young 10 times before he set off the explosion, and they were 12 people in that room all together. I’m guessing that when she was with him all those hours in ep 5, he didn’t just hypnotize her to help her light all those candles. Somehow he must’ve given her access to those souls, and he’s probably planning to sacrifice the hybrids and give her access to them as well.. We know Bonnie is not the badguy, but if she trust’s him he can take advantage of her without her even knowing it.. And if you watch episode 6 again, you can see an old book behind Shane while he’s talking about Qetsiyah, and on the cover of that book you can see the same mark the hunters have on their hand. It’s all making sense, I guess.

  • michelle


  • A.D.

    I thought Silas was buried alive, stripped of his powers and immortal. If Shane = Silas, then we should have an episode or at least, a flashback explaining who dug him out.

  • michelle

    Yeah he was/is, but Shane had his tombstone, right? And that witch Val from 1942 had 12 human souls, maybe she was the one who dug him out. Idk.. But if Shane’s not Silas, I bet he’s planning to wake him.

  • Reppierep

    Can they kill Bonnie? Then there would be no witch. I think Tyler or Caroline are low hanging fruit as far as the season one verteran…

  • chaitanaya

    why do you think he is helping jermy..???
    and how can you relate the five to silas..??

  •!/natashafine Natasha Fine

    Shane is helping Jeremy to unlock the spell to free Silas when the hunters map is complete. I think Silas’ BFF witch is the same witch from episode 4.4, “The Five”, that cast the original spell that forged ‘The Five’, and if so, she was a Bennett witch. Thanks for reading and posting!!