The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Phoebe Tonkin Dishes On All Things Hayley!!

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October 25, 2012

The Secret Circle alum Phoebe Tonkin, gave a spoilery preview of her character Hayley! Hayley debuts in tonight’s episode, “The Rager”, and will shake things up for more than one resident of Mystic Falls. Tonkin teases Hayley’s tom-boy ways, her friendship with Tyler, her real agenda and much more!

“She has a history with Tyler, and [because of that] Caroline is a little bit suspicious of the relationship Hayley and Tyler had,” Tonkin says. “They obviously went through something strong and emotional when Tyler broke his sire bond,” she explains. “Caroline’s a little threatened maybe. Tyler probably didn’t explain [his situation] very well to Caroline, so she jumps to conclusions a little bit when she sees Hayley chilling out with Tyler, and Hayley doesn’t really see she’s doing anything wrong. She thinks she’s hanging out with her friend.” Tonkin goes on to spoil, “You think it’s a simple reason, to see an old friend, but Hayley has a few secrets that we’re going to find out. You’ll see what kind of information she’s trying to gather and what’s she’s trying to find out.” On a lighter note Phoebe recounts this years Miss Mystic Falls pageant, “We go to Miss Mystic Falls, which Hayley finds hilarious,” she shares. “She never grew up around a lot of girls and here are these girls fighting over a tiara. It’s totally ridiculous to her.”

  • rita kasparian

    who the hell is tiara.?

  •!/natashafine Natasha Fine

    She is saying the girls in the pageant are fighting over a tiara, or crown.

  • seriously

    are you an idiot?