The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Next Thursday’s Big Episode, Matt’s Future And Hayley’s Connection

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April 10, 2013

The Vampire Diaries took a brief hiatus after showcasing Elena’s new attitude and lease on her undead life. As the season 4 finale approaches lots of things will be answered, like Matt’s future and Hayley’s connection to the Originals. In addition, next Thursday will feature 2 big returns, this one we spoiled earlier, and another surprising return.

Plus, fans will see a passing glimpse of Silas’ real face — rumor has it he looks a lot like an actor out of Atlanta named Scott Parks. However, don’t get too used to seeing Silas’ authentic self. According to sources, the erstwhile warlock will continue to do most of his dirty work in disguise.

Matt’s Future

“We are going to let ourselves really enjoy Matt in the last couple episodes,” says EP Julie Plec. “He looks around at all the people in his life that are about to graduate, maybe move on to college, or go off and live some supernatural destiny elsewhere, and then here he is figuring out his next step. He’s thinking, ‘Do I have any options? What are they? And what do I want to do now that I’m free to get away from all of this if I want to?’”

Hayley And The Originals

Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah will be heading to New Orleans in Episode 20 this season for The Originals spin-off episode, but that doesn’t mean they’re just going to stay in NoLa. I can absolutely tell you that Episode 20 isn’t the last we’ll see of Klaus this season on The Vampire Diaries.

After Klaus and Haley’s fling, Phoebe Tonkin’s casting on The Originals spin-off makes a little more sense, but in the backdoor-pilot episode, we’ll discover why they’ll always be connected — and why Elijah is so damn happy about it.

  • Kate

    Finally something more about Matt :) <3 I just hope that they will keep him as human.

  • seeper

    Klaus and Hayley will always be connected and Elijah is happy? This is interesting.
    Matt needs to get a life. Still pining away for Elena. Matt/Damon/Stefan are still boys who lost their balls falling for this pathetic woman.
    Thankgod Katherine is back.

  • Rebekah Mikaelson

    Your comment made me laugh so fucking hard! I agree with everything you said! :D

  • Rebekah Mikaelson

    Klaus & Hayley will always be connected? WTF!? How!?And Elijah is so damn happy about it!? WHAT THE FUCK!? That is very interesting!
    But really? There’s gonna be more scenes with Matt! He is so boring!,Stupid! and pathetic! He really needs to get a fucking life! Why can’t someone kill him already!?