The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: New February Sweeps Poster!!

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January 31, 2013

The CW has released a stunning and shock worthy February sweeps poster featuring Stefan, Rebekah and Elena. The image bears the intriguing and leading caption of, “An Unlikely Threesome”. Will Elena’s jealousy about Rebekah and Stefan drive a wedge between her and Damon, or does this mean they’re partnering up for the greater good…You tell me TVD family!! Hit the comments below with your thoughts and speculation ;)

  • michelle

    I hope it just means they’ll be partnering up for greater god,, I mean, it would SUCK if they’re planning to ruin Delena already. They ruined 4×07 with Caroline’s annoying nagging about Elena being sired, and 4×08 as well.. Not only does Damon deserve to know that her love for him is real, and be in a real relationship with her, but WE deserve to see them together when the sirebond is broken.. It looks like they’re about to sink our ship before we even get to see it sailing. 9/10 of us wants DELENA, so give us Delena,, god dammit…….. :(

  • Carlos.

    Preach It gurl!! Delena Is life, Delena is endgame <3

  • michelle


  • Rach

    My only question is where the heck is Damon =(

  • KKRocks

    Yall that’s gotta be Katherine right??

  • jess

    to me it looks more like Elena but that’d be awesome if it was Kat instead

  •!/natashafine Natasha Fine

    Per Julie Plec many times: Katherine won’t be back until Klaus is gone and out of the picture.
    Thanks for reading and posting :)!!

  • Louise

    Dæmon and elena sould stat together .. So i hope those three Will be friends:)

  • Louise


  • Anna

    Stelena forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally Elena will realize her true feelings about Stefan, but if it happens while she’s sired it would be even more satisfying then any stelena fun would ever hope so….

  • lara

    to be honest why cant both boys get new girls and elena ends up either by herself or with a human! the whole love triangle is so boring.

  • Stefan and elena

    I love Stefan and Elena <3 one epic love