The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Multiple Deaths For The Mid-season Finale

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December 5, 2012

The mid-season finale of The Vampire Diaries, “O, Come All Ye Faithful”, is fast approaching and everyone has been tight lipped on the spoiler front. Well, I’m about to drop a major one in your lap and it involves multiple deaths, including a season 1 veteran!

There will be mass casualties in the midseason finale, including someone you’ve known since Season 1.

Hit the comments below with your guesses!!!

Source: TV Guide

  • Krist?ne Andžela Taukule

    aaam, maybe Tyler?

  • tvdloverrr

    thats what i was thinking!!

  • Brittany Turner

    they wont kill tyler… i am going with mayor lockwod or one of the other random secondary characters that have been around a while.

  • Anne

    Maybe Jeremy? He’s become a liability for the rest.

  • Violet

    Matt probably

  • Hanan

    My bet is on Matt, he’s still human and vulnerable.

    -sigh-, just when I start to really like him. -.-

  • Kristen

    I’m betting Sheriff Forbes or Mayor Lockwood. I really can’t see them killing any of the main characters…yet.

  • elena parker

    Matt isn’t going to die for sure
    Maybe it’s taylor or his mother or carolines mother

  • michelle

    Jeremy was the first I thought of. Guessing he’ll realize that he’s too much of a danger to Elena, or that he dies trying to kill one of the towns many vampires. Is Kathrine a season 1 veteran? I mean, we saw her in Damon and Stefan’s “flashbacks”, but other than that she wasnt there until 1×22 right? It might be her.. But who I’m really wondering about, is professor Shane.. That whole Silas thing.. I dont think there is a cure. I mean, when we first learned about the sun and the moon curse, we didnt question it, right? But then it turned out to be something much bigger. I’m guessing the hunters mark-map leads to the place Silas is buried. Or that it at least has something to do with Silas..

  • :D

    The Mayor or Sheriff!

  • rita kasparian


  • elena parker

    who is silas again xD

  • michelle

    Silas was the one who created a spell to make him immortal by help of a witch who was in love with him, and then it turned out he only wanted the immortality for him and his lover, so the witch killed the lover, and buried Silas alive. :-)

  • rita kasparian

    its someone from season 1 since that season sooo thats either tyler damon elena caroline bonnie stefan or matt or jermy anyone else i forgot about ?

  • rita kasparian

    klaus wasnt around until season 2 elijah wasnt around until season 2 their brothers and one sister didnt show up until season 3 maybe its carolines mom or tylers mom ortyler like everyone thinks? but i dont know it might be more then one person so who is it?

  • Tomiko Mitch Domingo

    i think its jeremy

  • rita kasparian

    its someone thats been around since season one……….. it could be either damon stefan elena matt jermy the mayor caroline or her mom tyler or his mom in which case he would own the house and everything will be his it kinda already is and there will have to be a new mayor or if its caroline mom then someone else will end up in charge it cant be bonnie shes to important so who is going to turn to dust? almost everyone is a vampire or wolf maybe its a joke and its finally hayley? maybe shes not going to last much longer ?

  • rita kasparian

    almost everyone is either a wolf or vampire or both or just human matts not going to die he keeps the the balance and peace jermy i doubt hes doomed

  • rita kasparian

    but its someone whos going to turn into dust which means not return ever again?

  • rita kasparian

    tyler is going against klaus maybe hes just saying good bye to caroline at the party as she turns to see klaus ?

  • rita kasparian

    maybe tyler figured out that haley was using him to kill off klaus with out realizing tyler will be dead for real

  • rita kasparian

    even though tyler wants klaus dead it might end tylers life as well

  • chenell

    omg who is going to die???if its someone i love im gonna kill someone myself

  • rita kasparian

    oh man tyler is doomed

  • rita kasparian

    the spoilers keep hinting its tyler oh well gd bye tyler it was fun while it lasted

  • rita kasparian

    ok again the spiolers SAID TYLER !

  • Jemma

    I think Caroline. Simply because they were saying tyler is going to do something which will hurt the person he cares about most. I think while him and Klaus or fighting it out, that Caroline is going to get hurt while doing it..

  • rita kasparian

    nvm i have been told its not tyler

  • taylor


  • laugh with me

    the rumors are saying that it is damon but i dought that hes a main charecter and hes the reason why i watch vampire diaries anyways i think its jeremy who will be dead

  • CatEyes Kita

    Matt…no no plz but hes the one missing in the NW season 4 pic’s!!!!

  • louie

    oh no plz dont kill someone, if its someone who will be brought back to life in the next episodes it could be damon or elena, just to screw with us. but if its someone who never comes back im guessing Tyler, his purpose is run out..

  • louie

    but surely it will be sad because when you then watch the seasons again you will know that he will die.. :)

  • Layla

    It will probably be carol forbes, mayor lockwood, elijah, and rebeka, because on IMDB they weren’t included in the 2013 season