The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: More Pilot Spin-off Buzz For “The Originals”

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January 17, 2013

Now that the news has broke about The Vampire Diaries possible spin-off, The Originals, buzz is starting to circulate and castings are surfacing. CW President, Mark Pedowitz, even commented that the initial decision was a no-brainer. The Originals back door pilot will debut as episode 20 of The Vampire Diaries and is set to air April 25th. Fan favorite Joseph Morgan and TVD newbie Phoebe Tonkin are set to star, with producers are already in search for more series regulars for the filming that’s scheduled for March 6th, in Atlanta and New Orleans.

Warner Bros. Television in association with Bonanza Productions and Alloy Entertainment are in pre-production on a new series titled “The Originals”, which will be a spinoff from the hit CW series “The Vampire Diaries”. Casting directors in Los Angeles and New York are holding auditions for the series regulars, which include an over 18 actress who can play a 16 year old witch, an early 20′s female student who is intrigued by the deviance of the French Quarter, a late 20s early 30s female witch, and Klaus’ diabolical former protégé Marcel who is late 20s early 30s. Shooting begins March 6, 2013 and will take place in New Orleans and Atlanta.

“The Originals” centers on Klaus Mikaelson and the Original family of vampires, as he returns to the supernatural crucible that is the French Quarter of New Orleans, a town he helped build centuries ago, and is reunited with his diabolical former apprentice Marcel. The show will feature two new characters who are witches, as well as a human female named Cami who is a psychology student fascinated by the study of Human Behavior. Cami is allured to the aberration of the French Quarter, resolute on answering the unanswerable question – what makes someone evil?

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Source: Acting Auditions

  • seeper

    This sounds good. I love New Orleans. I just hope that the rest of the Original Family will be on the show. I’d love to see some more Klaus/Elijah bonding.

  • Guest

    No….does that mean Klaus will have to leave TVD?? :( Klaroline’s never gonna happen now….

  • Alysha

    i know right, i would love them to be together

  • Garfield

    Although I love Joseph as Klaus, I think I won’t watch it. All this information says clearly that Klaus will be leaving TVD soon. So no more “Klaroline”. That made this show interesting. Every time I hear about this spin off, it reminds me of Buffy-the vampire slayer and Angel. Angel was a spin off, too. Both shows were useless after Angel left. I will give it a try…but honestly- come on- both shows will fail sooner or later. Get a life -.-