The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: More On Bonnie’s Dark Path, The Originals & Elena’s Determination

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March 20, 2013

4.13.2Now that Shane is dead and Silas is masquerading as the manipulative professor, Bonnie has been scaring us more than usual. But, is The Vampire Diaries resident witch really willing to go all Willow and bring back every evil supernatural creature just to reanimate the small handful of good ones?!

“Well, she could. She’s at a fork int the road, and that is definitely one of the prongs in the road,” says executive producer Julie Plec. “Definitely, we haven’t seen the height of intensity of Bonnie’s storyline yet. This Shane/Silas person has an enormous amount of control over Bonnie. Shane as a human, Professor Shane, with no supernatural abilities whatsoever, was able to get such a strong hold on Bonnie that she came to believe she couldn’t control her own magic without him. Now that you add a supernatural component to that, it becomes really extreme and really severe.”

We loved the fact that Klaus finally got some sexy time on The Vampire Diaries, Joseph Morgan spoils that, that story line will not continue on The Originals.

“Because we were the first people cast — myself, Daniel Gillies and Phoebe Tonkin — it’s easy to assume that it’ll be a love triangle with Haley and the two brothers, but it’s something so utterly different,” Morgan says, adding, “That would be a cheap shot to have a carbon copy of The Vampire Diaries, which [the spin-off] really isn’t.”

Elena’s Determination

Elena will do just about anything to find the cure, and that includes going to first base with [spoiler].

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  • seeper

    Elena wants to give Katherine the cure and make a deal with Klaus for her OWN freedom.
    That will be her revenge on the vixen. She’ll do to Katherine what she tried to do to her when she first came to town.
    I would LOVE for Katherine to become human again. It would be an amazing redemption storyline.
    I think Katherine as a human was more free spirited and took risks. She wasn’t the golden girl, she was never good enough for her own family. I’d love to see how she feels with her humanity back after being a vampire for 500 years.
    And I want to see the Salvatores fall back in love with her. Elena is too spoiled when it comes to the men. Time for her to meet her match. Plus it will make her see what giving up her own humanity will cost her. And since Elena is making enemies with her own friends, it would be fun to see Katherine win over their trust too.
    Maybe Katherine as a human can help Elena. Would be interesting to see Katherine actually help someone for a change.

  • Anna Doe

    VampElena is of absolute no use to Klaus so why would he be on board with Kat being cured and Elena using that as a leverage for her freedom? How Elena’s freedom is endangered by Klaus while remaining a vampire since her vampy blood cannot be used to make hybrids?