‘The Vampire Diaries’ Spoilers: Love Is Complicated In Season 4

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August 8, 2012

As The Vampire Diaries season 4 premiere approaches, one thing is guaranteed to be a constant; Love will remain complicated for our favorite characters. Their unshakable bonds will be the tie that binds them, even through the baddest of the bad. I have a few fresh spoilers for Mystic Falls’ main romantic triangle, as well as Caroline’s and Jeremy’s possible choices. Read—>Love—>Discuss :)

Elena, Stefan and Damon
“All these things that she’s experienced with Damon and with Stefan will have different context for her as she’s becoming this new person,” previews Plec. “This circumstance, which is pretty horrific, is going to make them all care about each other even more deeply and argue even more intensely and fracture even more greatly and love as deeply as possible. It’s certainly not the end of Delena, as anyone might be afraid,” insists Plec. “In fact, in a way, it’s the beginning of the beginning.” But just because Elena now remembers Damon’s confession of love and that she met him first doesn’t mean she’ll be regretting her decision to stick with Stefan. “I wouldn’t want her to be so fickle,” says the EP. However, the regained knowledge will “imbed itself in her brain a little bit. As she continues to look at herself and her relationship and friendship with Damon, it’s all those new pieces of information that will be important along the way.”

Klaus, Tyler and Caroline
“You’ll just have to wait and see,” Plec replies coyly. “I definitely think that Klaus is going to unwittingly provide a little bit of mistaken identity hijinks in the first episode back.” Meanwhile, a fresh face who has “a history” with Tyler will arrive. “We’ll start to understand that this is a friend of his, who’s been very important to him in the past,” teases Plec. So should Caroline and Tyler fans be worried? “Any time a hot, new girl comes to town, somebody’s got to be worried about something. But Tyler and Caroline have a really solid bond, a really solid relationship. So it takes somebody really special to get in the way of that.”

Jeremy, Bonnie and April
“We didn’t bring her in to be a love interest for anybody,” says Plec. “But we’re certainly open to seeing where the chemistry flies.” Meanwhile, Jer and his ex Bonnie “are very bonded to each other. In spite of having found a piece of closure in their relationship, they will continue to be drawn to each other emotionally. Whether it’s romantically or not, I can’t really say.”

Source: TV Line

  • rk212005

    ok so far we have a girl from tylers past coming in episode 4 i guess and yet theres theres the problem of klaus making caroline think that shes about to kiss tyler again but idk

  • Eva

    OH CMON i need Delena <3 the writes should give them a chance.

  • 2me

    Stefan: I love U Elena, Elena: Oh I love U too….. Ohh again BULLSHIT, BULLSHIT, BULLSHIT and BORING , BORING , BORING .What a Mess I can’t stand Stelena boring. . On the other hand Delena OMG. Just perfect full of passion. …. DELENA AAAAAA ALL THE WAY,Damon deserves to be happy with Elena for ever. This is not hard to do.

  • 2me

    Damon & Elena
    Stefan & Katherine
    Klaus & Caroline
    Jeremy & Bonnie
    Matt & Rebecca
    Tyler should find a new love interest
    Is this hard? NOT AT ALL.

  • rk212005

    i do agree that damon should be with elena but damons kinda way over protecive? so maybe better with stefan as for klaus and caroline well good luck buddy! to klaus good luck trying to get caroline to leave tyler i dont see it happening but maybe possible

  • http://twitter.com/JustThatGirl19 Cynn

    Delena Ftw <33 Stefan should end up with Katherine, Klaus and Caroline should have 'something' but in the end Care and Tyler belong together. Jeremy…hmm I don't know I think he kinda needs a normal girl for once, he had a drug addict who became a vampire, he dated a vampire who got killed and he dated a witch he cheated on with his dubble dead vampire ex girlfriend .. so I say he needs a normal girl this time xD Matt..hmm I don't think he's gonna end up with Rebekah, Rebekah almost killed him and she did kill Elena so I think he pretty much hates her at this point. BUT all those other endgames could change and I wouldn't mind as long as Delena happens !!