The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Little Gilbert To Return!!

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April 9, 2013

Even though it has been weeks since Jeremy’s departure in the February 21st episode, “Stand By Me”, The Vampire Diaries fans are still missing the little Gilbert. Well, according to TV Line, Steven R. McQueen will return later this season. In addition, there has also been buzz about a few more familiar faces droppin in before the May 16th season 4 finale. No spoilers yet on how Jeremy will be returning, but there are a few possibilities. Will he really return as human/hunter Jeremy, as the super immortal baddie, Silas, or will Bonnie make good on her promise to rop the veil to the other side?!
You tell me TVD Family, how will Jeremy return?!

  • Delena<3

    As a ghost.

  • louise

    he shall be back as human – a normal human being plz!! i miss him so much <3

  • Lauren

    I’m guessing if Jeremy comes back it will be as a ghost or in a flashback. Elena burned his body so the possibility of human form when he’s ashes, not likely unless Bonnie has a miracle spell. It’s quite sad. I had high hopes for Jeremy and Bonnie reconciling. They looked really good together. I really would have liked to have seen Bonnie and Jeremy grow as a couple. I even miss Rick and Jenna. And poor Damon never catches a break. If Bonnie does bring back the dead, Lexie would be a welcome site. But in all honesty, this whole bring back from the dead story feels like a dead end. As for the elixir for mortality, Elijah will probably dump it down the drain so no one will have it. This season has had nothing but sadness– from Elena turning on Damon just when he found her ugh the tragedy of only having a few hours of joy with her only to lose it ALL…. to Jeremy dying, and Matt– poor Matt…he’s lost his best friends all of them to the supernatural. Matt should stay human, no one else is. And Matt should meet a nice human girl to have some kind of happiness.

  • seeper

    Silas is messing with Bonnie’s head.
    I think she wises up to his plan and he uses Jeremy’s face to hook her back.

  • seeper

    Damon brought this on himself. He failed Elena miserably as a boyfriend. He has done nothing good for her but nail her to his bed.
    I’m glad Elena broke his heart. You’d think he’d learn his mistake of taking Stefan’s sloppy seconds.

  • Sarah Belanger

    Jeremy shouldn’t have died in the first place, if i’m not mistaken he died and had the hunters mark on his hand when Elena went crazy and stabbed him in the neck..I realize he was only a “potential” but still supernatural….Mind you the writers screwed this season up in many ways, first too many deaths, and very repetitive everyone seems to have lost a parent guardian or loved one over the 4 seasons. Too many events going on at once, Conner the hunter,Bonnie going dark, Jeremy and the hunters mark then Jeremy the hunter, Elena the Vampire with a sire bond, Elena with her humanity off… and lets not forget Klaus’ hybrid murder spree was he tricked into it? or was it a sacrifice? He used the sword which confused the audience….

  • Sarah Belanger

    I think that Damon will be the one who takes the cure it will break the sire bond… Elena has no one left except the brothers, If she takes the cure she gets her emotions back and has to live with the fact her whole family is dead…….
    If Jeremy returns it will be as Silas to screw with everyone especially Bonnie

  • Finnthehuman

    Just an idea Jeremy may come back as a ghost or something to help Elena to try get her humanity back ?
    Bonnie and Damon and Stefan may join up to make this happen, just a thought though :/

    But im thinking most likely Silas messing as Jeremy.

  • Theresa Ann Spataro

    Elena needs her brother… I say he comes back to her as a human no tricks no stupid ghost, just human…

  • Cj79

    Katherine stabbed Jer!

  • myrtiebooth

    As a ghost