The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Julie Plec Talks Elena’s Sire Bond, True Feelings And Much More!

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November 30, 2012

Last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was a game changer and a half! There were so many twists and turns it’s hard to keep up, but the main event was the long awaited coupling of Damon and Elena. After over two seasons of building tension Delena finally did the deed for real, but now there’s this pesky business of another sire bond. Executive Producer Julie Plec elaborates on that, plus answers all your burning questions about “My Brother’s Keeper”. In addition, Plec goes on to spoil about what’s headed our way next week with, “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street”.

The sire bond has been highly speculated about over the last couple of weeks. How long has this been in the works? Did you guys know, when Elena turned, that you’d go this route?

We came up with it back when we launched Tyler’s hybrid story, actually. When Tyler was sired to Klaus, and Damon said, “Oh, s***, I know what this is,” that planted the seed of, when we finally go down this road with Elena, whoever’s blood she drank to become a vampire sired her to that vampire. From there it was a natural conclusion that it should be Damon, so it’s actually something that’s been in the works for a very long time. The reason we kept the hybrid storyline alive this year and kept it sort of front and center was in order to create that context for the audience so that when we found out Elena was sired, it would all make sense.

It’s definitely alarming for fans who have been waiting to see Damon and Elena get together for them to finally hook up, but have it be intercut with evidence that her feelings for him might not be genuine. Is there still hope that her feelings for him are real?

Without taking sides one way or the other, just looking at it objectively from our point of view as storytellers, there is more hope than ever for them. It’s just combined with a lot of very deep questions. Damon is a character who, his whole life — as a vampire and as a human — was looking for love and acceptance, and for someone to finally say, “Hey, you’re good enough.” He finally gets that from Elena, and now he has to question it. He wants to believe it’s real. She truly believes it’s real. But there’s that nagging doubt, as to how much of it is true love and how much is the effects of a sire bond. It’s a question that’s going to take these two people who do care about each other so deeply, and just put the tiniest bit of an obstacle in their path. They have to figure out how to get around it.

I’ve been sort of sad to see people on Twitter calling Elena derogatory names because they feel like she moved too fast, sleeping with Damon right after the breakup with Stefan. Did you guys have any concern in the writers’ room that she was jumping into his arms, and his bed, too quickly?

What we wanted to do in the writers’ room was to give Stefan and Elena the most human, honest, and respectable breakup between a couple that had been that important for so long, and to put a real end to that, so that there was a freedom for her to now give in to this passion and this interest that’s been brewing for over two and a half seasons. In the real world, would it happen that quickly? Maybe not. But I do think that the punctuation on the breakup is her finally giving in to these feelings for Damon, and then to raise the question of “Oh, God. Is that what she really felt or is it all part of the supernatural link between them?”

I loved Stefan in this episode. He’s really on the edge — particularly in the scenes with Jeremy, when he was really kind of scary. Does his heartbreak over Elena have the potential to push him back into his ripper ways?

Oh, he’s definitely walking the tightrope on the edge there, and will continue to do so. He’s trying to be reasonable, he’s trying to be rational, but he’s very clearly emotionally driven by a desire to, as she called him out on, “fix her.” To Stefan’s credit, he might be right. He might actually be right, that this is not who she is and this is not who she’s supposed to be, so his desire is to try to correct that at all costs. So the question which we’ll be exploring is: is this who she is? We don’t know.

Before the breakup, Damon and Stefan were in the best place they’ve been, as brothers, in a long time. Is that in jeopardy now?

Well, it’s been compromised by circumstance, but both of them, to their credit in the next episode, try to take the high road. What comes out of them both trying to take the high road, and to do what’s right by each other, and do right by Elena, actually launches the whole next chapter of the show.

This week, Stefan found a murderer to turn into a vampire and kill, but in last week’s episode, Jeremy’s victim was a hybrid friend of Tyler’s who had just helped them. There’s sort of this disregard for other lives, outside of their immediate circle. Is that something that’s going to be addressed down the line? Obviously, it caused some tension between Tyler and Caroline.

What that served to do was to basically let Tyler be the voice of conscience, and the voice of reason. He’s saying, “Hey, you guys are all doing something in the name of what you percieve to be good, and I don’t approve, and it’s not okay, and it’s not cool.” It’s a little bit of that Jiminy Cricket reminder that our heroes are doing things to protect what they love, but there’s a big shady gray area there. On our show, there’s a very fine line separating hero from villain. We want it to be clear that just because Stefan and Damon think something’s right, doesn’t mean it is.

Next week Stefan tells Damon about the sire bond suspicions, and head to New Orleans for some answers, and we get a look back at where they were in the 1940s. What are you most looking forward to people seeing?

It’s a nice window into Damon and who he was then, and who he wanted to be, especially in relationship to his brother, and how he wanted to do right by his brother back then. It kind of informs his decision about how to do right by his brother today. We revisit our favorite girl Lexi, who has been working hard since the ripper days to get Stefan back on track. She brings him to Damon to say, “Okay, the next step in your recovery is to reconcile with your brother.” It’s a nice moment of insight into where they were at the time.

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  • aaaaa

    I equally like both couples but I really hope elena chooses demon because she loves him and not because of any sire bond because that memes the show very cheap

  • Andy

    Julie you suck!
    Just ruined the show.
    Always knew she was a Stelena shipper.

  • Begum

    I think it’s terrible. Elena should choose Stefan. Cause Stefan loves she, always he did.

  • bilge kilic

    damon might be a dangerous vampire but when it comes to loving elena he becomes a beatiful person. he looks so innocent when hes with her

    just like klaus when with caroline

    stefan is crazy. besides didnt he always get what he wanted? thats why he was so calm.

    when he started to lose things that wonderful personality of his just blow away

  • Mashii90

    I am neither a Delena shipper nor a Stelena Shipper, I’m totally Team Salvatore, but I thought it was sooo unfair that when the Delena shippers out there finally got some Delena action that it got ruined by the whole sire bong thing .. And I feel sorry for Damon (Who I normally don’t feel sorry for). He finally gets the girl, someone to ‘love’ him back and now it might be fake ??

    BUT, on the bright side, we saw a lot more Klaroline than usual which makes me very happy and excited for the next episodes to come !! :D

  • mikomi

    This is so messed up…can’t believe what they are doing to Damon’character….not faor…he deserves sonething real with someone better…hate julie and kevin for this sire bond which btw doesn’t make a lot of sense since caroline is not sired to damon…wtefan and damon were not sired to katherine and so on

  • Delena<3

    I second that.

  • tmer

    ow come on now you found this sire bond to screw with delena yet again!! im done with this bullshit!! ive had hope for 3 years but now enough is enough!!

  • Karen Taylor

    It can’t be the sire bond! I don’t believe it! I think she was always meant for Damon as they met each other first. I think if she didn’t die she would have gone with Damon eventually because she already admitted she had feelings for him seasons ago. I think this sire bond thing will last a while but in the end they’ll all realize Damon is her real choice!

  • lovetheoriginals

    I hate Elena more than ever for messing with both brothers heads for so long. Now she dumps Stefan after everything he has done for her, and jumps right into bed with Damon, in Stefans house!! U must admit, it takes one selfish bitch to move in that house. Poor Stefan has to find somewhere else to stay??? Elena should have at least had the decency to go elsewhere, and to wait at least a few episodes before jumping Damon. I hope this sire bond storyline makes her feel like the dirty whore she’s acting like. Maybe she should give some thought to her friends and family, who Damon has hurt over and over. But no, its always poor Elena. She is the most selfish person I’ve ever seen, so much so that it seems like more people should notice and get off the Elena train. Her and Damon cause 99% of the problems and hurt that her friends suffer. I’ll gladly change the subject and say I LOVE CAROLINE AND KLAUS. They bring out the best in each other. Tylers wolfslut is ugly as hell, I couln’t care less about them. The best thing that could happen for the show now is for Stefan to find real love. Someone who isn’t so boring and pitiful. Maybe even Katherine?? That would be the slap in the face Elena needs and sooo deserves. Or Bonnie?They have a bond that goes way back to her Grams. And bring back Rebekah. Secrets out, no need for her to stay daggered. If Elena doesn’t start being treated as shitty as she treats everyone else, I’m done watching. And I love this show. I just can’t fight the urge to punch the whiney selfish little slut anymore.

  • Sabrina

    I think it’s tragically heartbreaking that every time Damon gets the tiniest bit of hope it’s ripped from his reach. It’s like NOBODY wants him to be happy and the truth is that DAMON DESERVES to BE HAPPY! He has been through way more loss than Stephan and it’s really getting old the woah is me act from Stephan. Stephan killed Damon’s girlfriend Andy! Damon didn’t harp on him about it, he took the high road. Damon lost Ric! The one friend he’s had in ages. Damon lost Rose, the one girl who accepted him as is! He’s lost so much like Elena lost Jenna, her parents and Ric. What did Stephan lose? Lexie. Big deal. Stephan keeps piling up the body count over and over again. After all Stephan CHOSE not to save Elena. Stephan never chooses right. But Damon does. In all honesty when Damon talked to Ric at the cemetary, it broke my heart because it seems that Damon is denied countlessly any centimeter of happiness. It isn’t fair. I mean Damon is so denied of happiness he tried killng himself to spare Elena. I don’t understand why Damon can’t have happiness. It makes me cry to see Damon shut away from even one minute of joy. And I think it’s selfish and horrible that Stephan thinks Damon should be miserable for all eternity. Elena met Damon first. There was an undeniable pull there from the beginning. I don’t understand why Elena and Damon haven’t had a real conversation about that. They had like a 20 second quip. They need to admit what that pull is from the first day they met when Elena was with Matt. A pull like that is undeniable, and is a connection that no circumstance can forestall. I think Damon should be with Elena. And Stephan should go find Katherine, because in all honesty he was more in love with Katherine when you look at the old flashbacks. Meanwhile Damon was always searching for someone to just choose him and tell him they love him. I think it stems from his relationship with his mother. They never mention her. They showed his dad, but what happened to his mom? Did his mom have anything to do with this hole in his heart that forever gets bigger? When he’s with Elena he is the guy that is simply perfection on a star.

  • Twin Flames ? Delena

    Whoa take it easy. It’s not Stefan’s house, it’s the house of BOTH salvatores. And they didn’t have sex in Stefan’s room fyi.

    you have so much hate in your heart, that I don’t think you’re worth it to calm you down. so drown in your hate :) monstrous idiot.

  • Stelena<3

    I think what Julie wrote is just fantastic, something new to keep the audience locked to their screens!
    Just brilliant!

  • Liz

    This may be all crazy but this is what i think/hope happens. Elena is sired to Damon but there is going to be a loop hole because of what Elena remember when she was in transition. The whole sire bond is about elena making Damon happy. So when Elena asked Damon what he wanted, the first time they met, he said ” i want you to get everything you are looking for”. So what makes Damon happy is a happy Elena. This explains why there are some things Damon wanted Elena to do that she didn’t. Like when he wanted her to feed on the blond girl at college. Could be the craziest thing ever but it is what I think would make this plot make sense. It would also prove to every one else that Damon lets Elena be who she wants to be. Instead of her always trying to do what is expected of her and no longer make chocies in life because they are safe but because she wants to make them.

  • Alexa

    I don’t even know, that it was Damon’s blood that turn Elena into a Vampire, so now I must see the previous epsiodes again, poor me :);)

  • Lexi

    Stefan is acting like a huge brat.he ALWAYS gets what he wants and now when he doesn’t he’s throwing a huge vamprum (tantrum)

    Poor Damon never gets what he wants because he’s always been so honest and fair with Stefan even when he got Elena but now Stefan can’t even do that for him.

  • Alexa

    I agree, and moreover Elene always has feelings for Damon, even before she turned into a vampire. Everything that Stefan do is labeled the “good” and everything Damon do is “bad”. Look what Stefan did with Jeremy, or with that hybrid friend of Tyler, but he is still the good guy. And wat I realy hate is that Stefan acts like he is a saint and Damon is the ‘big bad vampire’ but he did maybe even worst things in the past.

  • michelle

    Again, we dont want Elena to be with that rabbit-eating Stefan Mc.Boring. He makes her boring too…

  • elena parker

    yeah but nobody sees that and it really annoys me. damon has changed and they still look at the past.. what has stefan done ? killed 1000 of people being the ripper..

  • Pisicutza Ada

    Damon is a character who, his whole life — as a vampire and as a human — was looking for love and acceptance, and for someone to finally say, “Hey, you’re good enough.” He finally gets that from Elena, and now he has to question it. —->>>if you really think this let delena together…

  • Madi

    to me, the sire bond thing seemed kinda lame, but i guess it’s been planned for a while, and it was in the book, so… I just hope that damon and elena stay together! come on, writers! i believe in you! don’t let us delena fans down!

  • Madi

    oh my god, i never thought of that! you are totally right! stefan usually gets everything he wants, so when he doesn’t, his personality falls apart. i would say SPOILED! but that seems excessively rude…

  • Bob

    yeah for sure, it was stefan who killed jeremy when elena and katherine rejected him…get real and cut the bull****

  • Franki

    too bad you’re not writting the story and everything you’re saying comes straight out of your head…can you predict the future as well?

  • Franki

    lol look who’s talking of hate… u mad that Delena will never happen fungirl ??

  • louise

    delena all the way.. dont think elena is a slut, i would have done it the minut after:D

  • Yttip

    Okay… I know a lot of delena fans are sad because of the sire bond and all that sh..@t. But I understand the writers decisions. They are smart guys! Trust them! I’m sure they’ll come up with something that will make us happy. (We’ll probably get mad first, but everything will work out)!!! DELENA ALL THE WAY!!!!!

  • Clare

    IMHO they should keep as much continuity with the book series as possible or it shouldn’t be called vampire diaries. In the books she IS sorta sired to Damon and he makes her realize that and the endgame is Stephan soo just like True Blood should have Sookie with Eric and not Bill (just because they, the actors are a real life couple) they should not pair Damon with Elena just because they are a real life couple. Furthermore, Damon and Elena never hook up in the books, they just kiss. So again I say everyone who blasts the writers with derogatory comments, please go read the books. LOL

  • elena parker

    come it’s the pproducers. they are stelena shippers so they make damon a fuckin asshole. and you stelena fans always metion the same things. oh look what he has done to caroline and to bonnies mum(which he did for stefan,so he could b the good boy again)oh he kiled jeremy. and what has sefan done?
    sorry if damon isn’t crying around and trying to be a fake hypocrate

  • elena parker

    delena arleady happened hahahaha

  • elena parker

    i read the books and i donÄt like them as much as the series so i think that changes wpuld be good :’)

  • TeamSalvatore

    This sire bond thing is the worst story line so far. She hasn’t done everything he told her to. There’s nothing worse than investing in characters and then having the story line twisted so far that it starts sounding like BULL.

  • Jessica Estrada


  • Sarah

    Before I begin I want to say, I don’t hate Damon or “Delena” in anyway.

    However, as someone who really enjoys the show it personally pains me that Elena jumped into bed with Damon so fast with such disregard for Stefan. It almost seems as though the writers decided to quickly throw it in there to appease the Delena shippers. I understand what Julie said about the entire subject, but I still truly believe that it was incredibly disrespectful of the love that Elena and Stefan had to have it happen so fast. I also hate how Stefan is being painted as the asshole when so much of the mess that was caused in Elena and to Stefan’s relationship was a result of him trying to save both Elena and Damon’s ass and keep both of them out of trouble. I’m reading that “Stefan makes Elena boring because he’s boring” but all I saw for the past 3 seasons, time and time again, was Stefan letting Elena decide what she wanted for herself which I think the writers have let her whole heartedly take for granted. Now that he’s going through a selfish phase people are quick to criticize his character, but we forget that for the most part up until now he’s put Elena’s wants and needs first CONSISTENTLY, which is more than anyone can say for Damon.
    I’m still interested to see how this Damon Elena thing plays out, but I don’t think the past few episodes have done any justice or fairness for Stefan and Elena’s relationship whether its over or not. If this relationship goes on for much longer I sincerely hope the writers at least give Stefan enough of a backbone to call Elena out on her BS. (And I hope this sire crap comes to an end as well).

  • sarah

    Meredith got the blood from Damon to heal patiens. And when she knew Elena wouldn’t make she used his blood to save :-)

  • sarah

    *make it, *save her

  • Twin Flames ? Delena

    fungirl or FANGIRL? I’m not a mad teen that is so called obsessed whether Stelena or any other anti DE fans act like idiots and bash Delena fans and glue my eyes to the screen for 24 hours a day if an anti DE fan says something that I don’t like. I don’t like to waste my time, even if I am doing it right now. And I didn’t talk about my hate, but someone else’s just like you. Go troll your own kind.

  • SE

    And you don’t think Stefan doesn’t love her?