The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Joseph Morgan and Michael Trevino Preview Tonight’s Klaus/Tyler Showdown

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December 13, 2012

The Vampire Diaries Michael Trevino and Joseph Morgan spoiled to TV Guide about the mid-season finale showdown that’s happening tonight between Tyler and Klaus. Joseph Morgan reveals just how far Klaus is willing to go to see his conclusion play out and how many people will stand by the Original Hybrid’s side when it’s all said and done. Trevino hints at Caroline’s involvement and Tyler’s need to not only defeat Klaus, but end the hybrid love triangle once and for all.

“As soon as he learns what’s going on with Tyler and how there’s this hybrid revolution happening, [Klaus] will be utterly furious,” Joseph Morgan tells “We’ve seen some of what Klaus is capable of, but he’s going to go very far when this comes to a conclusion. He won’t take that lightly.” Morgan also teases Caroline’s involvement, “He’s done a lot of terrible things in the past and she[Caroline] would be reluctant to just forgive him for those things, but she’s starting to understand him a little more. Certainly in Episode 7, when they had the champagne and he told her about the hummingbird, there was a definite move forward in their relationship. [He's]opening up to her in that way, laying himself on the line and just being a little more charming and less threatening and aggressive.” Morgan goes on to spoil about Stefan’s part in tonight’s revolution, “We’ll see in the midseason finale some great scenes between them[Stefan & Klaus] including one where Klaus tells Stefan like it is and he is more open with him than he has been in a while”.

  • michelle

    I seriously hope Tyler dies. I Love Klaus!

  • Carlos.

    I really like Klaus, despite of all the bad things he’s done. On Some level I think the only reason he’s done all those things is because he’s afraid of being alone. I think there’s much more good in Klaus then he shows but at the same time don’t piss him off lol. Anyway I’m looking forward to see what happens, I really like both Klaus and Tyler although I feel like Tyler has lost a bit of importance to the series. Really looking forward to see Damon and Elena taking there relationship to the next level, they look so cute together.
    Delena <3

  • Melina Tvdfan

    I love Klaus ! He’s the best :)

  • louie

    he is so beautiful :D

  • louie

    oh yearh delena all the way – so sweet and sad this episode:) loved it :)

  • Macxavi

    klaus lives ..tyler die buddy