The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Jeremy’s Legacy And The Dish On Klaroline

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October 23, 2012

The Vampire Diaries delivered a great second episode last week with, “Memorial”, and Jeremy~Steven R. McQueen unknowingly delivered a new talent. Jeremy’s ability to see Conner’s invisible ink is no coincidence, nor does it have anything to do with his ability to see the dearly departed of Mystic Falls. Julie Plec spoils that this new development is the beginning of a whole new arc that was set up from season 1 for the youngest Gilbert.

“This is something completely separate from that,” Plec tells us. “This is a whole new thing that ties together pieces of a story we’ve been setting up in seasons one to three. This really fulfills the promise of a legacy for Jeremy. It’s really something we haven’t explored yet, and Steven McQueen is doing truly wonderful work this season.”

The Vampire Diaries Joseph Morgan also has some spoilery Klaroline teases to offer the TVD Family. Morgan reveals that fans will see a developing relationship between Klaus and Caroline as season 4 continues.

“We’ll certainly see their relationship,” Joseph said of their arc in Season 4. “But I don’t mean relationship in the sense that they’re dating — but we’ll certainly see the dynamic between them develop. [The Klaus/Caroline storyline] brings out Klaus’s humanity,” he said. “I love playing the more charming side of him and the scenes with Caroline really allow me to do that. So I hope he has a shot with her. I think everyone deserves love and a second chance.”

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  • Anna Doe

    Given the fact that Jeremy’s sporting the same kind of tattoos as Connor on his above picture, I guess he’s destined to become a super supernatural hunter. He’ll just be more gifted that the other male Gilberts that preceded him.

  • seeper

    Klaus and Caroline should be interesting. I love Tyler, but he needs to mingle more with the rest of the cast too.