'The Vampire Diaries' Spoilers: Insights Revealed From Season 4's Explosive Trailer

The CW has finally released the new season 4 trailer for The Vampire Diaries. "Growing Pains" is set to premiere October 11th and the new footage below is just a taste of the epic season ahead for TVD. Zap2it has created a detailed analysis of the trailer along with a few insights and answers from EP Julie Plec. So, let's all re-watch this montage of awesome and discuss the possibilities!!

Will Elena turn?!
As executive producer Julie Plec told us last spring, the gang is joining forces to find a magic spell to prevent Elena from turning into a vampire. We can definitely confirm that she does turn into a vampire -- but with all of this talk of altering her transition, we can't help but wonder whether things will turn out a little differently for Elena than they did for the rest of her vampire friends.

After losing his parents, his aunt, a couple of girlfriends... and presumably one golden retriever who is wandering around Denver, Jeremy seems to be very on edge about his sister's new situation and Bonnie's dedicated efforts to change it.

Over the course of the first three season's, Bonnie's character development and motivation has been explored less than those of her peers. It's about time she be at the center of a story, instead of a device to move it forward. The new trailer features Bonnie pretty prominently as she navigates a dangerous sounding spell. Is the Year of Bonnie upon us?

Caroline gets hot and heavy with Tyler, I mean Klaus?!
Was that really Tyler that Caroline was about to have a very tree-slammy makeout session with? After another chat with Plec, we don't think that scene will go too far if it's Klaus in Tyler's body. But he sure did get an eyeful.

The war against vampires in Mystic Falls
The Founder's Council has had a major regime change, and now our vampires have to deal with being hunted not only by outsiders, but by their own townspeople. It's hard to tell what's going on in that exploding, flipping van, but it looks like our girl Caroline might have found herself in yet another traumatic situation. This time, though, it appears she may have brought Rebecca with her.

Aside from some snarky comments, Damon remains a mystery after this trailer. We're curious to see how he picks up the pieces after losing his best friend and finding out that Elena chose Stefan. We're hoping to see him get seriously involved with the Founders' Council war and the new hunter in town.

Source: Zap2it, K-Site