The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Hybrid Tension Puts Caroline’s Life In Danger

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February 1, 2013

We didn’t see much of our favorite barbie vamp, Caroline, in last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, but she was all the talk when Klaus was quizzing Damon on ways to win your love; even if you keep doing really bad things to people she cares about. Well, Julie Plec spoils that Caroline will be back on screen soon and will find herself between Tyler and Klaus as tensions boil between the dueling hybrids.

“Caroline will find herself stuck in the middle of the terrible tensions between Klaus and Tyler,” Plec says in response to your query, “leading her to put her own life on the line to try to resolve their issue.”

Source: TV Line

  • nikki

    I really hope that Caroline joins Klaus on the spin off!!!

  • kate

    ditto !!

  • seeper

    Caroline will never be with Klaus.
    Her character would be ruined. He killed Elena’s aunt, Tyler’s mother, and so many others.
    He would hurt her in a second to get his own way.
    He betrays his own family.
    Sorry, but Caroline is loyal to her loved ones and she knows Klaus is NOT.

  • Ella

    Of course Caroline coulde be with Klaus in his millenium he probably didn’t kill so many people as Elena killed in one take; when they killed Kol they practically committed vampire genocide. And lets be real for a second, she didn’t do it to save her brother, she did it because of her own selfish reasons-she wants the cure and she wants it now. I really hope that all this blows up in her face

  • Randomcomment

    Thank you! I’m glad someone has said the truth! Not that Kol was a good guy or whatever…but Elena has become a different and unlikable character. I hope this blows ups on her face and most of them. All they do now on this show is kill, kill, or plan to kill someone, even if its a bad guy. It feels more like Killers Diaries than anything else and i don’t like it. Hopefully the Silas thing will change the atmosphere a bit and the show can go back to being more mysterious, magical and scary.

  • Ella

    My sentiments exactly, I couldn’t have put it better myself .

  • Randomcomment

    Unlikely…but it would be kinda cool for her to cross over to The Originals hahaaa

  • Randomcomment

    You are right, but just look at Elena and Damon! Hahaha! seriously…Damon has done and is in a worse position than Klaus given how much of a chaos, murder, betraying and dick he has been and look at that…Elena “loves” Damon (yeah right). Anyhow…this show can turn things around and SOMEHOW make Klaus and Caroline slooooowly be…something lol