The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Hurtful Truths Revealed In The New Year

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December 12, 2012

This week marks the mid-season finale for The Vampire Diaries, “O Come All Ye Faithful”. There is no news yet as to when TVD will return exactly, but we anticipate sometime in January. However, TV Guide has a tasty spoiler to further build our excitement for what’s to come in the second half of season 4. Several of our gang will find themselves stuck in the school library, Breakfast Club style, ultimately sharing some hurtful and sad things they were hoping would remain hidden.

The first episode back will mirror The Breakfast Club with several characters stuck in the school library, ultimately revealing things about each other they were hoping to hide. But think more sad and dark, rather than cheery dancing in the halls, as a few of the scenes will force certain truths to come out from both Stefan and Elena that might forever change their relationship.

  • caroline

    Hopefully they’ll break up for good… -.- Hopefully this whole triangle thing finally stops. And hopefully she’ll be neither with Stefan nor Damon in the end.

  • Carlos.

    Cheering on for Delena <3 Damon deserves for once in his life have someone who won't reject him

  • michelle

    I agree with that! Stefan is kind of spoiled, used to get what he wants,, and Damon never gets the girl, it’s not fair. He deserves to be happy and be loved. :)

  • Anna Doe

    Hopefully, we’ll be done with Stelena! So difficult to feel for the “nice” guy when he obviously only thinks about himself and refuses to admit it. It’s funny how through the seasons, Damon’s the self-proclaimed selfish one, has been more prone to put his desires on the back-burner for his lil’ bro. I’ve never cared for Stefan but this Stefan who is consumed by sadness, pain, jealousy and going through a very hard breakup, is too much to stomach. Stefan has been presented through the whole 4 seasons as the epitome of selfless love, the guy who is more about the happiness of the object of his affections than his own happiness. In S04, we’re seeing that this was a lie: he’s just like the rest of us, no better than his bro. He isn’t the real hero, Damon is because at least the latter is genuine in everything he’s, does and says. Stefan’s just like dreaming of being married to Tom Cruise and then you discover Scientology. That’s why I’ve never shipped Stelena: too surreal!

  • louie

    omg i used to love caroline, but shut the fuck up bitch- because of her open mouth, stefan is mad at damon eventhough he did the right thing and Elena told her she would tell him her self, and its much more hurtfull when something like that comes from someone else.. uh hope that stefan and elena talk and are over for good!! stefan cant go back to her, and she is really the worlds biggest player if she dumbs damon just and runs back to stefan just because damon said no… ! looong break now it sucks :D

  • Jessica

    i completely agree

  • Randomcomment

    Stefan, spoiled? The guy has SACRIFICED a lot for her. Damon doesn’t deserve her at all! Why? The guy never really respected Stefan, by trying to seduce and even at one time almost forced elena to drink his blood in order to turn her, BY FORCE! He has used and killed pretty much every likeable character in the show. He killed his brother’s best friend, Lexi. He killed Alaric the first time after he had sex with his wife and turned her. He even killed alaric a second time when they were friends! Why? because he felt like it. He doesn’t respect Elena’s wishes, he doesn’t respect his little brother and he doesn’t care about anyone else as long as he gets what HE wants. He is a jackass and he is bad just bad.

  • Randomcomment

    Wow at least someone has the guts to say it. Elena should leave the Salvatore’s in peace, she doesn’t know what she is feeling or doing or even thinking, she’s lost and they are both letting themselves be played along her rollercoaster.

  • Randomcomment

    Stefan IS like any other vampire and like any other person, he is NOT perfect and that has always been clear, the issue here is that he fights and struggles to do the RIGHT thing and Damon doesn’t, Damon is not restrained and kills people out selfishness, even when that means doing it for someone he loves, he destroys peoples lives, uses them (Vicky), and kills them because he thinks he is entitled to do so (Alaric, 2 times for gosh sakes!). You people are swallowing Damon’s crap as if he wasn’t a damn prick. If you were a random girl on that world and you were around he could kill you without caring less.

  • Mikaila

    Elena is confused now and she is not sure what to do. Now
    that She is free then She might feel guilty now with Stefan but her feelings
    with Damon already magnified because of her changes into vampirism. Also it
    would be hard to Stefan to trust Damon and Elena now that he knows they are
    together. I hope Elena can really make her final decision because she is now
    hurting more and more the 2 brothers.It is not fair to all of them to be in
    this situation now that DELENA has given an opportunity. It would be better for
    the story to make elena choose now just ONE and give the other person a break!
    So now we can focus over tyler-caroline- klaus story(haha!). Its been 4 season
    this love triangle issue and its getting tiring getting longer so please make
    changes. Hope TVD can make a new interesting story not same over and over. Lets
    focus to Jeremy maybe or some other new story. I think it will make sense for
    all the fans.

    You guys forgot what the old witchy said in Bourbon that vampire is sired to the person who
    turns her and it’s mostly due to the vampire having feelings for the
    person before she was sired. Elena’s feeling was magnified. It is not Damon’s
    fault.He just save her! So Lets stop comparing who is better between Damon and
    Stefan. We know from the start that this 2 brothers love elena So they
    should absolutely need to know the truth not with hidden agenda.That is
    just fair enough. The only bad effect here is for Stefan as now he
    realize he don’t totally own his girl. At least he knows the truth.

  • LisaWisa

    What about EVERYTHING Damon did for Stefan? Damon doesn’t flaunt what he does like Stefan flaunts it. I’m a total Delena shipper… probably because I’d like to wake up next to Ian Somerhalder myself. Wait, that’s not true. I’d like to wake up next to Damon Salvatore. Ian’s a little too… I dunno, he likes to be the center of attention or something.

  • Randomcomment

    center of attention? since when?