Spoilers Galore For 'The Vampire Diaries' Paley Fest 2012

Spoilers Galore For 'The Vampire Diaries' Paley Fest 2012

The Vampire Diaries took the stage at Paley Fest this year and opened with a screening of their return episode, "1912". I'm happy to spoil a few tasty bites to get you ready for March 15th. as if you weren't already. The ep was written by EP Julie Plec, who received high praise for the perfectly written installment.

  • No worries about our favorite day drunk, vampire hunter; "1912" opens with Alaric behind bars, and yes Meredith did pull a gun on him. We will also get more backstory about Alaric's life before Mystic Falls, including very interesting memories from his time at Duke.
  • Alaric and Elena will be sleuthing around when Elena finally opens up about her feelings for both Damon and Stefan. Her revelations are not only insightful for the audience, but also Alaric.
  • The Stefan/Damon 1912 reunion sneak peek was spoiled earlier and the deep love/hate brotherly scenes don't stop there. Damon and Stefan haven't spoken for half a century and the intensity between them is nothing short of palpable. Not only will fans get amazing insight into the Salvatore brother's relationship post Elena, but in the present Damon is helping Stefan again with his bloody control issues.

  • Elena will share a pivotal scene with both Stefan and Damon, but it's been reveled that her brief scene with Stefan will have a greater impact on the characters themselves and the fans.
  • In a beautifully orchestrated twist, the new murdering psycho of Mystic Falls is revealed and has a connection to the 1912 flashbacks.
  • Plec also spoiled that Original Hybrid Klaus isn't present in "1912", but Rebekah is, and Damon does something really terrible to her that insights the already spoiled, shirtless torture scene in the March 29th episode, "The Murder of One". However, the whole event will bring our love triangle closer together.

“Originals have an appetite for destruction”, Julie promised they’re out to make trouble. “Hell hath no fury,”

The panel went on to spoil about the remainder of TVD's epic Season 3 after next week's 'game changing' episode.

“Damon and Stefan have equal capabilities of good and evil." Plec elborates, “He’s still Stefan...he’s still pure, strong, loyal, full of love, and full of light”. But he will still have to find a balance within himself and find a way to function as both a vampire and a good man. “Damon is no more good than Stefan is evil” and the brother’s relationship is the true love story.

Stefan, Elena and Damon's back and forth love triangle has been tearing fans apart, in a good way, for 3 seasons. During the panel Plec teased, to Nina and Ian's surprise, that tug-of-war will come to a head.

“Maybe not THE head. But a head, for sure. This season, maybe she has a choice to make. Elena will ask herself ‘who do I care for?’.”

Bonnie and Caroline will not be present in the March 15th ep, as they're dealing with Abby's transition from witch to vampire. but Katerina Graham revealed that you'll see Caroline and Bonnie bond as they both help Abby deal with her new life. Graham also hinted at that after many moons Bonnie will finally meet a guy that doesn't die.

We haven't seen the last of our Original family and includes their currently MIA mother, Esther.

“There’s a whole other chapter to that story. Esther’s plan to take out her children [will be revisited]."

Matt Davis spoiled that all the foreshadowing about his spelled protection ring will bring about a surprising twist very soon. As with everything witchy on TVD, the balance of nature always has to stay in place, or consequences will happen. Davis spoiled that if you wear the ring and use it's power there will be consequence and we will see that unfold as The Vampire Diaries makes it's end of season run.