The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Fresh Teases For Tonight’s Episode, “My Brother’s Keeper”

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November 29, 2012

The Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder, Michael Trevino and Candace Accola have some fresh teases for tonight’s episode, “My Brother’s Keeper”. Romantic tension, surprise dates and nutty plans are headed our way!

“This episode is a party at the Lockwood mansion, where Stefan has concocted this kind of nutty plan that involves Jeremy and a number of people, and Damon truly disagrees with it,” Ian Somerhalder spoils about tonight’s episode. On a brighter and more romantic note, he goes on to tease fans with some Delena goodness.
“Remember, in the first season they had this dance where you could feel, really for the first time, that cool chemical attraction that they had,” Somerhalder said. “Seeing this again … and seeing both of them recognizing it and sort of internalizing it, it’s cool.”

In addition, Michael Trevino spoils that Tyler, Hayley and Caroline will have some romantic tension of their own when Tyler is accompanied by Hayley to the dance.

Trevino teases, “That it might cause some problems.” Candace Accola also said fans can expect things to take a turn for the worst. “Parties don’t usually go off without a glitch in Mystic Falls, there’s always something,” she teased. Meanwhile, co-star Steven R. McQueen ominously hinted, “There will be blood.”

  • rita kasparian

    holy shit tyler and carolines turn to finally break up

  • rita kasparian

    they are having problems and caroline has to pick between tyler and klaus damn thats exciting

  • rita kasparian

    from what i see tyler is still trying to get rid of klaus regardless of the fact that klaus turned tyler and sadly hes now going to do that out of jealousy not that it matters because haley
    likes tyler and i think tyler is starting to like haley it makes sense given the looks at eash other and that gives klaus the chance to convince caroline that tyler is a prick and shes better off with out him lol the relationship between tyler and caroline is going to finally end because of what the spoilers said caroline has to chioce either klaus or tyler by the middle of the season and we are already at episode 8 im sure thats not the middle of the season but she has to pick one of them and even if she still thinks shes better off with tyler all klaus has to do is spend as much time as he can with her and shes going to eventually crack because it seems like caroline is starting to like klaus and shes not going to let tyler kill off klaus because shes starting to like klaus and then her friends will hate her but oh well shit happens you cant win them all