The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: First Look At The New Elena In “Because The Night”

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March 4, 2013

Because The Night

The Vampire Diaries March 21st episode, “Because the Night”, will take us to NYC as we get a big taste of the new Elena. Damon attempts to get her mind off of Jeremy’s passing, while having some colorful flashbacks of his own hedonistic times in 1970′s New York. Elena is sporting new bangs and a few well placed red streaks in her lovely waves.

Because The Night
Source: TV Guide

  • Ella

    They finally changed her dull haircut and she really rocks new look

  • Delena<3

    Are we sure that that’s Elena and not Katherine???

  • michelle


  • wow

    where can i buy those boots? those are great boots

  • Courtney David

    Umm I don’t c it … if they were gonna do an overhaul they could have gone haut couture instead of Marshall office wear in plain jane mode … so disappointed I wanted glam I wanted street I wanted more leather lace and pixie hair cut THIS IS BORING

  • Courtney David

    The only thing keeping me holding on right now is my love of Ian’s dimples and klaus + Caroline= forbidden dark ????? like spike n buffy ya know its coming