The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: First Look At 12th Century Klaus & Elijah In Episode 4, “The Five”

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October 11, 2012

EW interviewed The Vampire Diaries costume designer, Leigh Leverett, and she spoiled about creating the perfect period pieces for flashback friendly episodes like episode 4, “The Five”. This handsome first look is just a taste of what fans will experience when TVD takes us back to 12th century Italy for some fresh Original backstory.

“I look at research from the period and find the best styles… that I think fit our show,” Leverett reveals. “We actually built all of this in our tailor shop and took a little bit of license with the period. A lot of the pieces from that period more were tunic style, and they would fit a little bit baggier,” Leverett explained. “But I don’t think Klaus would be caught dead in a baggy thing no matter what period it is, so we tightened it up and just made it look a little more like something Klaus would have had made for himself.”

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