Season 8 Episode 16 I Was Feeling Epic (Series Finale)

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: EP Julie Plec previews series finale

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: EP Julie Plec previews series finale

After eight seasons, the story of The Vampire Diaries will finally come to a close this Friday on the CW. On this note, showrunner Julie Plec is giving away some last minute spoilers abound in the show's final hour. 

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On how early in the finale do fans see Elena (Nina Dobrev) wake up:

I'm not going to speak about at what point she wakes up, but I will say that between Elena and Katherine there is quite a lot of screentime. And I think fans who are excited to see Nina back are going to be really happy with what they get.


On Damon's reaction to see Elena again:

I think poor Damon has just been knocked down and dragged through the mud so much in his efforts to be the kind of man he wants to be for her return in allegedly 80 years, that seeing her right right now in the present is shocking and probably a little bit of a concern for him that he's not quite there, that he's not quite ready for her yet.

On whether fans should be worried about Bonnie:

Fans should always be worried about Bonnie, but I think that we'll have to wait and see if it's in fact Bonnie's death that wakes Elena up or if something else is going on.

On their plan to kill off a character in the finale:

We didn't set out to kill someone in the finale, but it definitely felt like there would have to be a sacrifice that was made as there often is when one is trying to save the day.

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BONUS SPOILER BIT | Co-stars Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder drop another tease about the series finale. 


I think the finale will be very satisfying.


I think it really cinches it up beautifully. It holds water. It has legs.


Source: Variety, TV Guide