The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: EP Caroline Dries On Tonight's Major Death, Damon's Darkest Demons, Katherine's Fate & Much More!

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: EP Caroline Dries On Tonight's Major Death, Damon's Darkest Demons, Katherine's Fate & Much More!

Fifty Shades of Grayson
Tonight is The Vampire Diaries Winter Finale, and then they will be on their regular holiday hiatus until 2014. "Fifty Shades Of Grayson" will be the conclusion and possible additional cliffhanger to last week's epic episode that revealed Enzo's fate, Damon's dark revenge and a deep lying passion between Katherine and Stefan. Executive Producer Caroline Dries spoils that tonight we'll find out what Damon's dark revenge means for him and Elena, Wes' plan, all things Katherine and much more. Dries also spoils that a main character is going to die tonight!!

Zap2it: So Enzo didn't really die in the fire when Damon left him! Thank goodness, he's too beautiful to lose so soon.
Caroline Dries: Good, I'm so glad people like him.

What are his feelings toward Damon, since he essentially betrayed him and left him to die at the Augustine party?
What we teed up with how we ended the episode with Enzo, is how is Damon going to react when he sees Enzo and how is Enzo going to treat Damon? And so you have to think of Enzo as, when he was in that cell for five years with Damon, Damon was his only friend. And even though Damon betrayed him, Enzo hasn't had a single friend since. So when he gets out and they meet each other for the first time since then, their relationship is not this black and white relationship. There are a lot of complicated layers to it. Enzo presents Damon with a lot of interesting questions and it holds up a mirror to who Damon really was at that time.

And it turns out Damon hasn't really changed at all, now that we found out he's been killing Whitmores this entire time. How is that going to affect Damon and Elena's relationship? Is this the end of "Delena"?
It's obviously a lot for Elena to chew on when she found out. And she's going to continue to be digesting that when she's on this medical lab table that we saw her wake up on in Wes' weird makeshift lab. So she's trying to deal and come to terms with why he would do that or how she could be with somebody who was like that. And she actually has this surprising revelation at the end of how she decides to process that information and move forward with Damon.

What's interesting is that if you go back and rewatch this scene from Season 2, Damon's never really hid the fact that he likes to kill, despite the fact that everyone including Elena has wanted him and expects him to change.
Yeah, exactly. What we've done is kept Damon very true to who he is and we've always shown that he will put Elena first and foremost. But what's interesting about this Whitmore story line and the Augustine story line is it's one of his first story lines that Elena hasn't been a part of. So we realize that Damon is still Damon outside of Elena, and how is that going to impact their relationship?

Now let's talk about Stefan and Katherine's hook up for a bit, because that was hot. Please say we'll see more of them together?
Good, I'm glad you like that. We ended the last episode with Stefan and Katherine, after they had that cool story line where she's locked in the safe with him, they come together in this hot, awesome makeout scene leading to a night of hot makeouts and sex and whatever they did. And then we start the next day and Stefan's like, "What did I do? What if I have feelings for her, what does it all mean? What happens when people find out about it?" So episode 10 and even episode 11 is the fun of people finding out and how they react to it and how Stefan's going to deal with it. But it's definitely something we want to keep in the foreground of the show. It's not something that we're just going to put to bed.

A lot of "Stelena" fans were pretty upset about Stefan hooking up with Katherine, because they saw it as the end of "Stelena." Have any advice for those fans?
My advice to them would be to relax. Stop tweeting at me [laughs]. I will say that for five seasons the love triangle has been the heart of this show. Just because Elena's not with Stefan at this moment doesn't mean that the triangle isn't there in some way. So we're going to keep Stefan's love interest situation intact, whether it's Elena or somebody else, it's not like he's going to be lonely.

While dealing with Damon's dark history, Elena's also going to have to deal with Wes experimenting on her. Are his experiments going to be related to his Augustine vampire research?
Yeah. What the Augustines were doing to Damon back in the day was more of like a broader experimentation like pulling out their organs to study vampires. Wes is much more sophisticated now in 2013 so he has a very specific agenda. What he ends up doing will have ripple effects on the rest of the series.

Meanwhile, Damon and Stefan are going to team up with Aaron to help Elena, right? What's that dynamic going to be like?
It's less of a "teaming up" and more being held captive [laughs]. But it's a fun story line because I'm just picturing Aaron, who is just this good guy, and all of a sudden he's flanked by Salvatore brothers who are using him as leverage. Poor Aaron doesn't stand a chance. It's a fun brother-bonding episode in a way.

While Katherine may have some fun hooking up with Stefan, she's still dealing with her aging problem. How is her daughter Nadia going to help her?
Nadia has had one goal this entire season: to find her mom. Now that she's found her, she doesn't want to lose her. Katherine's taking the more vain route of, "I want to look good, I want to preserve my health and stay fit physically." Whereas Nadia's goal is, "I need to find a way to keep you from dying." She has more of a hail Mary situation going on.

Now that she's helped Stefan deal with his PTSD, what's Caroline's goal going forward?
Caroline's actually not in episode 10 [the fall finale]. But moving forward in the 100th episode, her story line opens up when she makes a decision to do something and it kind of generates story for her for the next two episodes, this choice that she's made. That's really all I can say because it's a fun surprise.

Are Jeremy and Bonnie in the fall finale? What's coming up for them?
Yeah they're not in this episode either but going forward, in future episodes, Bonnie's going to be tested as the anchor. And they seem to be pretty happy in their relationship that they have going on but in future episodes that will be tested by a third party. The reason they broke up -- if you remember back in the day -- was because of Anna, when Jeremy cheated on Bonnie with Anna, and they've never really dealt with that. They just broke up and they both died at some point and now they're back together again. So those residual feelings of insecurity will persist in their relationship.

With so many crazy things going down in the fall finale, what are you most excited for fans to see in the episode?
There's a scene at the end between Stefan and Katherine that is one of my favorite scenes because it is just so beautiful and wonderful. It's about forgiveness, and their history, and it's just really well-acted and well-directed by Kelly Cyrus, the director. I just really love it.
What else can you reveal about the fall finale and what's coming up on "The Vampire Diaries?"
I think we can safely say that Damon and Elena will be put to the ultimate test. Will their love survive or not? And we're also going to see a character die. One of the main characters. That's a biggie.
No kidding. Who do you think is the unlucky soul whose days are numbered?